59: Cruising

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Cruising, February 2002
59: Cruising Introduction: These Colors Don't Run: Things They Roll Over, and Some Issues That Stick
Aaron Shuman, Jonathan Sterne
When we chose Cruising for this issue's theme, we could not have foreseen the series of events that would lead President Bush to proclaim, "Let's roll."
59: Cruising Social Fear and the Commodification of Terrorism
Joe Lockard
The post-September 11 economy of the United States has become a fear-infested and sober landscape. National security and security-related corporations are providing the major visible economic growth.
59: Cruising United We Stand: Fresh Hoagies Daily
Carrie Rentschler, Carol Stabile, Jonathan Sterne
Driving around Pittsburgh the week after September 11th, we couldn't help but notice that something had changed in the roadside landscape: the signs.
59: Cruising 9/11: The Fallout
Jeff Chang
Sadeque was wearing red, white, and blue. In the early hours of September 14, the postal worker was heading home to Brooklyn after his swing-shift job as a mail sorter.
59: Cruising No Cruising for You: African American Youth and Police in Oakland
J. Douglas Allen-Taylor
It's called freedom of assembly, and it's part of the Constitution. I suppose the police would argue that these kids aren't being peaceable, so the First Amendment doesn't apply.
59: Cruising Fear Itself: Cruising for Music
Rob Drew
If new forms of music and noise anticipate and usher in larger social changes, it's possible that the book superstore and all commercial space -- indeed, all of social life -- will continue to move ineluctably toward the desperation of music stores, drive-thrus, and websites. The only hope for change is not a return to a nineteenth century, liberal facade of "third places," but a revolution that breaks on through to something unprecedented.
59: Cruising Tragicruising: My Return to the NASCAR Circuit
Baynard Woods
Racing displays the essence of everyday cruising around in our cars; it purges our desire to cruise by purifying it. We are born into automobiles: after the hospital, a parking lot and a car are often the first spaces we occupy.
59: Cruising Cruising Envy: The Battle Between Bikes and Cars
Zack Furness
I don't know which came first, my desire to ride bikes, or my desire to give drivers the finger. There is that moment of absolute certainty where I know exactly when a driver has acted like a total asshole.
59: Cruising Fear of Dancing: Movement, Bodily Display, and the Practice of Restraint
Michael Stevens
As we watched the young women dancing with each other, I felt my personal self-consciousness and fear of public embarrassment fuse with something larger: a kind of unspoken agreement that dancing was not for us males, but was part of another order of motion that would remain forever alien to us.
59: Cruising Dance with a Purpose: Interview with Naomi Bragin
Aaron Shuman
Whether she's using dance to teach non-violence, dancing in the streets with the radical dance collective Emma Said, or taking kids to Los Angeles to dance at protests outside the Democratic National Convention, Naomi Bragin's art and politics are always grounded.
59: Cruising TA/TG: The Pedagogy of the Cross-Dressed
Tanya Olson
No matter how much they challenge accepted cultural standards or straddle societal binary divisions, everyone deserves a bathroom they can call home. From there we can create a pedagogy of the cross-dressed.
59: Cruising I am a Fighting Atheist: Interview with Slavoj Zizek
Charlie Bertsch, Doug Henwood, Slavoj Zizek
People who started reading Zizek because they couldn't believe that Communist Europe could produce such a supple thinker read him now for the simple reason that he is Zizek.

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