62: Privacy and Voyeurism

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Privacy and Voyeurism, December 2002
62: Privacy and Voyeurism Introduction: Here's Looking at You
Jeremy Russell, Kim Nicolini, Charlie Bertsch
The desire to peer into the lives, not only of the stars, but of ordinary citizens like ourselves is the desire to take control over our sense of being violated.
62: Privacy and Voyeurism Still Nobody, or, How my Home Page Became a Blog
Steven Rubio
The beaver might be the perfect anthropomorphic symbol for the blogger. Industrious, we run around in circles, squeaking.
62: Privacy and Voyeurism After 9/11: Christopher Pratt's LiveJournal
Christopher Pratt
The most remarkable thing about the weblog as a form may be its capacity for putting a personal spin on almost any news item. Pried loose from their packaging in the mass media, major events become both more and less important than you might expect.
62: Privacy and Voyeurism Sex and Confessions in Queer Academia
Alicia Brooks
In a classroom specifically organized around the subject of sex, speculation, coded revelations, and secrecy often run rampant. Simply enrolling in a class on queer sexuality is often read by outsiders as a confession.
62: Privacy and Voyeurism Haunted
Mark Lundy
Lijiang is China's most popular destination. This year, domestic and foreign tourists alike are flocking to the old city where they find two distinct districts.
62: Privacy and Voyeurism Poetics and Aesthetics of Violence in Tattoos
Heidi Ann Garcia
Tattoos are part of the new trend among people to use their bodies to express beauty, belonging, religion, nationalities -- but they also to express violence.
62: Privacy and Voyeurism King, Queen, Knave: A Royal Pardon
Mike Mosher
In contrast to the real movers and shakers, royalty sporting crowns and ermines seem laughably powerless. There are anti-authoritarian British traditions that we would do better to celebrate, including the socialism of its artists William Morris, Walter Crane and Oscar Wilde.
62: Privacy and Voyeurism You are Watching
Hadassah Hill
I am walking down Bloor St. in the early July evening; it is warm and I'm listening to crusty punk rock from London: X-ray Spex, Crass, and other bands whose aggressive names, along with the mix-tape cover, are lost to history.
62: Privacy and Voyeurism Going Public
Kim Nicolini
It's open mic poetry night, and all the writers sit with their words clenched between anxious fists, waiting for their turn to be on stage.
62: Privacy and Voyeurism Big Brother, Where Art Thou?
Shane Brenkuss
Big Brother society isn't as George Orwell envisioned. He never took into consideration the national debt, or the rampant availability of cheap commercial goods. How could he have ever imagined that individual citizens would be better at keeping tabs on us than the government?
62: Privacy and Voyeurism Surveillance and Secret Identity in Spider-Man
Jeremy Russell
In our age of celebrity it seems that every public figure - and with everybody getting at least 15 minutes and surveillance cameras going up over the place we are all arguably public figures - could use a secret identity.
62: Privacy and Voyeurism Listmania!: Target Marketing, the Internet, and the Consumer's 'Me'
Charlie Bertsch
Both the best and worst thing about shopping online is the sense of being singled out.

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