66: Marx & Theory

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Marx & Theory, February 2004
66: Marx & Theory Introduction: All that is Solid Melts into ...Barbarous Empire-ialism
Frederick Luis Aldama, Robert Soza, Aaron Shuman
"Marx and Theory": what are we to make of this configuration in a world where the facts of our material reality increasingly seem to contradict past and current scholarly theories -- counter-hegemonic Empires or otherwise?
66: Marx & Theory Cuba Libre: Capitalism, Communism, and the Worker
Frederick Luis Aldama
I think José Marti would see that today's Cuban government has become a mafia-like bureaucracy that continues to eat away at the positive results of the pre-Castro Cuban revolution of 1958.
66: Marx & Theory Voices from the Collective: Response to Aldama's Cuba Libre
J C Meyers
In The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, Marx famously notes the tendency of the Left to engage in perpetual self-criticism; tearing down what has already been built, only to begin it anew once more. In this respect, little has changed since the 1850s: perpetual, sometimes vicious, self-criticism remains the cultural style of the Left.
66: Marx & Theory Voices from the Collective: Cuba Libre Redux
Frederick Luis Aldama
We must be mindful of reproducing criticism that doesn't address the issues we raise in our work and that instead follow an extremely prejudicial tradition of Stalinism that states in so many words: any form of criticism is counter-revolutionary.
66: Marx & Theory Music Can Rock, Just Not the World
Frederick Luis Aldama
I've always thought of musicfests as somehow supra-human, mystically transcendent, and radically transgressive. I've come to see them in a different light, of late.
66: Marx & Theory Recovering the State: Interview with Saskia Sassen
Miguel Lara Hidalgo
Interview with Saskia Sassen.
66: Marx & Theory Ciudades en riesgo: Entrevista a Saskia Sassen
Miguel Lara Hidalgo
Entrevista a Saskia Sassen.
66: Marx & Theory Hegel-Marx: The "Other" Logic of Unproductive Labor
Mrinalini Chakravorty
Marx became possible only after Marx himself was able to engage in a correct "reading" of the materiality present within Hegel's philosophical oeuvre.
66: Marx & Theory Marxism as the Art of Class War
Manuel Yang
In the wake of the Zapatista struggles and the temporarily halted anti-capitalist globalization movements, our strategic reconstruction of Marx necessitates further enriching the concept of the proletariat.
66: Marx & Theory Capitalism is Genocide
Robert Soza
The questions we ask today should focus on the economic practices, and accompanying socio-cultural trappings, of contemporary empire. And sadly, these questions are questions of survival.
66: Marx & Theory Changing Lanes: A Dialogue in Class Struggles Defines Post 9/11 New York
Elizabeth Krasnoff Levy
Virtually everything from the choice of camera angles to the meticulous set placement of art reinforces Michell's take that New York (and presumably all of America) has become for the most part a Marxist two-class class system made up of a classical ruling class and a proletariat.
66: Marx & Theory The Warning in Jackass: The Movie
Rob Horning
It is tempting to thus celebrate the film and its popularity as some kind of counter-cultural triumph, the sign of a new generation's arrival. But it doesn't provide what it promises.

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