67: Family ≠ Nation

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Family ≠ Nation, April 2004
67: Family ≠ Nation Introduction: Family ≠ Nation
Cynthia Hoffman, Elisabeth Hurst, Mike Mosher
Family only intersects with Nation through one alternative meaning: tribe.
67: Family ≠ Nation In Practice There Is: Three stories about progressive fatherhood
Bradley Berens
I'm a working dad and H, my daughter, is three, so I'm busy, busy the way only other parents and short-order chefs at the lunch rush understand. I don't have Scheherazade's luxurious thousand and one nights to draw out my narrative.
67: Family ≠ Nation The Name Change Game
Megan Prelinger Shaw
As I grew up I grew into "Megan." I came to appreciate its uniqueness. I appreciated that it was not a feminization of a boy's name.
67: Family ≠ Nation San Francisco Wedding Story
Sylvia Allen
The story of a same-sex couple who have just gotten married at City Hall.
67: Family ≠ Nation familyNation.pdf
67: Family ≠ Nation Pass Me the Purple Crayon
Carole E. Trainor
I am not a vegetarian, even though I admire vegetarians. I am not a militant, even though I have tremendous admiration for the moral courage of the militant. I am a thinker.
67: Family ≠ Nation Diaspora Grrl
Rachel Barenblat
Because we rarely draw a distinction between literal Israel and metaphorical Israel, the land of Israel runs the risk of becoming almost an idol.
67: Family ≠ Nation American, Iraqi, Jewish: So It Makes Sense for Me to Live in Israel
Loolwa Khazzoom
I was slurping minestrone soup at an Italian restaurant, laughing with a friend, when her cell phone rang. There had just been a double suicide bombing in Tel Aviv. More than 20 were dead, about 100 wounded.
67: Family ≠ Nation The Nation, the State, and Travel after 9/11
Michael Hoffman
Common wisdom has it that in political and social matters Americans are pragmatic and empirical, and conversely, that Europeans are idealistic and ideological.
67: Family ≠ Nation Diary Entry of an Iowa Caucus Virgin: January 19, 2004
Mary McInnis
I hear young voices chanting about being a rainbow, rainbow, rainbow and voting for Dean yeah Dean yeah Dean yeah.
67: Family ≠ Nation The Osbournes: Showing Family Life and Making Money Doing It
Tamara Watkins
I'm addicted to watching the Osbournes traipse around their house. No, I'm not a stalker, but in a way I am a multimedia peeping tom.
67: Family ≠ Nation Exhibition Complexes: Displaying Nation in Canada's Galleries
Kirsty Robertson
I was at a conference last week where numerous art historians were calling for a history of the anti-globalization protest movement. "Why do we need to pin it down," asked one of the presenters, "when its potential is that it is happening all the time?"
67: Family ≠ Nation Rug Emporium
Melissa Usher
Some years ago I lived and worked in the Middle East. As a result of that experience and other travels, prior to commencing formal visual art study, I created works that featured carefree images of people of Middle Eastern origin.
67: Family ≠ Nation American Graffiti: Paintings and Prints
Andrea Ondish
An online exhibition of art by Andrea Ondish.
67: Family ≠ Nation Voices from the Collective: Emory Douglas Roasts Pork
Mike Mosher
There was more to the Black Panther Party than traditional dignity in resistance. There was also its sense of style, from the elegant to the outrageous.
67: Family ≠ Nation Voices from the Collective: Response to "Roasts Pork"
Colette Gaiter
It would be easy to fill volumes on Douglas's work, just reproducing the images from the Black Panther. I was focusing on what I see as the "grunt" work of revolution.
67: Family ≠ Nation U.S. Policy Toward a Nuclear North Korea
Monti Narayan Datta
Current U.S. policy toward North Korea is one of political alienation and economic sanctions, coupled with harsh rhetoric and military intimidation. But has this policy worked?
67: Family ≠ Nation The Tenth Anniversary of the Siege at Waco and April 2003
Megan Shaw Prelinger
The tenth anniversary of the Waco tragedy occurs amid a national crisis of civil rights and a war against terrorism that could become the next world war. It cannot escape its context within the current wartime wave of inward-directed aggression.

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