74: Intermedia

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For all its usefulness and currency, the word 'media' conceals as much as it reveals. The transition from one medium to another, even within the same device, is fraught with complication.
74: Intermedia Inter-Duction
Charlie Bertsch, Jonathan Sterne
For all its usefulness and currency, the word 'media' conceals as much as it reveals.
74: Intermedia Mail Art
Mike Mosher
The blazing heart of the anarchist in me subsides every day when the mail arrives.
74: Intermedia Broadcast Politics and Limits to the Freedom of Expression: An Interview with Marc Raboy
Marc Raboy, Jonathan Sterne, Nick Weaver
An interview with Marc Raboy about the controversial CHOI decision, where the Canadian regulators refused to renew the license of a Quebec City radio station that used hate speech as a marketing tactic.
74: Intermedia The Confederate Flag in East Montreal
Carrie Rentschler
Sightings of the confederate flag in the north raise questions about the politics of sovereignty and the intersections of race and language.
74: Intermedia All the Pieces Matter
Steven Rubio
Steven Johnson's Everything Bad is Good for You argues that popular culture is "good for us" because it makes us smarter. Steven Rubio reflects on Johnson's selective argument, shows us where he "jumps the shark" and has a look inside The Wire as an alternative way of thinking through the complexity of popular narrative.
74: Intermedia Not the Voice Coppola Would Expect: Microcinema and Its Challenge to Public-ness
Kyle Conway, Elizabeth Galewski
Rethinking the public sphere through the microcinema movement.
74: Intermedia Is the Internet a Portal to Hell?: Inner Space, Superstition and Cybersex
Mikita Brottman
Examines the assumptions behind Christian attacks on various configurations of sexuality on the internet and considers the potent combination of anxieties about sexuality with anxieties about new media.
74: Intermedia Why Should I Be Nice To You?: Coffee Shops and the Politics of Good Service
Emily Raine
My tactic as a worker is an assertion of individual identity at work, a refusal of the class distinctions that characterize the service environment and a rebuttal to the companies that would promote my good will: be rude.
74: Intermedia "Being Young Sucks": An Interview With Lawrence Grossberg
Lawrence Grossberg, Jonathan Sterne, Michael Baker
An interview with Lawrence Grossberg about the American right's war on kids, the struggle for the future, and the role of the intellectual.

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