75: Sex Politics

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It's time for Bad Subjects to interrogate the slippery interface of sex and politics.
75: Sex Politics Sex Politics: What Turns On Bad Subjects
Charlie Bertsch and Mike Mosher
It's time for Bad Subjects to interrogate the slippery interface of sex and politics.
75: Sex Politics Academic Whores and Publishing Pimps
Mark John Isola
What does the closure of erotic text based web site Red Rose Stories have to do with me? Everything, for not only do I believe in free speech, I also believe in free erections. I represent the silent majority of Americans, who appreciate erotic and pornographic material.
75: Sex Politics Is Trans-Gendering the New Homosexuality?: Some Thoughts on the Subject
Vanessa Raney
The author was intrigued with the story of Miles and Samantha, both of whom surgically altered their original sexes, yet met and fell in love. What happens when a body radically changes to reflect a different gender while remaining fundamentally the original sex?
75: Sex Politics Ovarium: BioPorn Videodrama Just Across The Border
Katrien Jacobs
On Adam Zaretsky and Barbara Groves in http://ovarium.org
75: Sex Politics Let Them Eat Porn
Whitney Strub
I’d like to examine Bush obscenity policy, both in terms of the rhetoric used to justify it and the extension of the normative “family values” sexual project it supports. This is more than a mere abstract topic; there are actual people sitting in federal prisons right now because conservative law enforcers found the graphic depictions of sex they sold online “corrosive to society.”
75: Sex Politics Queer Capitalism: Sex and Politics in the Ad Campaign of Abercrombie & Fitch
Phil Tiemeyer
The company is unabashedly proclaiming to its stockholders, traditionally a fairly conservative bunch, that it feels no shame in gloating about the link between sexy young men and profitability.
75: Sex Politics You Got a Friend: Two Tales of Post-Seventiessexuals
Patrick Hurono
Figures from the past, deceased and reinvented.
75: Sex Politics Understanding Religion and Estimating Justice in the Final Term of George II
John Duncan
There is a misunderstanding in what many secular progressives say about religion and politics. Progressives need desperately to find the support necessary both to avoid a repetition of the 2004 election, and to do what they can to support the plight of those who continue to be targeted during the remainder of the term at hand. We need to remind ourselves about religious progressives who, of course, have these needs as well, and we need to make sure we do not alienate our faithful allies by ridiculing and condemning religion as such.
75: Sex Politics Blogging Theory
Jodi Dean
The author discusses a subgenre of blogging, the "theory blog," and ponders the limits of free speech in that context, where the hostility of outsiders can have dire consequences

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