79: Elect Me

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79: Elect Me Elect Me: Will Race, Class and Gender Define the Presidential Agenda?
Arturo Aldama, Pancho McFarland and Mike Mosher
This issue's editors maintain the US election of 2008, and others in 2007 or yet to come, will have enormous impacts on all of us. It is questions of how and why that Bad Subjects begins to answer with the Elect Me issue.
79: Elect Me Convenient Distractions: The Role of Gender and Race in U.S. Politics
Cecile Pineda
In the context of United States electoral politics, real issues almost always have a way of getting sidetracked by distractions. “Race” and “Gender” amply illustrate the point.
79: Elect Me The Flip Flop Side of Change
Claudia Villegas and Rodolfo Hernández
Article examines the possibilities for current presidential politics to change U.S.-Latin American/Caribbean relations.
79: Elect Me Presidential Possibilities: Can People of Color Change the World Under Obama?
Pancho McFarland
Essay examines the pathways for change led by people of color under an Obama administration.
79: Elect Me The End of Plantation Politics?
Generally, it has been white Americans who have complained of African Americans playing what they call the ‘race card’, but I think we can all agree that right now both the race and sex cards are being played by the Republican Party and John McCain’s campaign.
79: Elect Me Wife of His Youth
Dean Franco.
A look at how Black politics are played out or not in Obama's subjectivity
79: Elect Me The United States Presidential Election 2008: Bill Richardson and the New Mestizo- a Case Study in Racial Contradiction
Peter J. Garcia
Barack Obama and Bill Richardson both embody the “new mestizo” or contemporary racial mixtures that are taking place in the United States and increasing. Despite his Anglo-American surname, Bill Richardson like Barack Obama continues identifying himself as ethnically “mixed” or mestizo in racial origins.
79: Elect Me Please Believe, Please Vote
Mike Mosher
Please Believe is a smart and skillful graphic designer. His most interesting work in 2008 has been his witty, but problematic, portrait of Barack Obama.
79: Elect Me How It Looked in Spring 2008
Pauly Bunyansky
The presidential candidates glimpsed from two worldviews, very far apart.

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