80: Obama Annus Unus

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80: Obama Annus Unus Introduction: Obama Annus Unus
Mike Mosher
President Barack Obama's first year, from Election and Inauguration through December, 2009.
80: Obama Annus Unus Brooks and Gump Have a Tea Party
Ken Jolly
David Brooks writes of his accidental epiphany on race while jogging from the Lincoln Memorial to the U.S. Capitol, Saturday, September 12. It was during his run that he, like Forrest Gump, “found himself” at the center of a history-defining moment.
80: Obama Annus Unus The Obama Administration and the Rule of 'Opposite Day!'
Zack Furness
Up is down, black is white, hate is love, war is peace, and nuclear power is 'green'.
80: Obama Annus Unus Obama, The New Lula?
Pancho McFarland
This essay engages a recent Christian Science Monitor article that compares Brazilian President da Silva to U.S. President-elect Obama.
80: Obama Annus Unus Where's the Peace?
Mike Mosher
In giving Barack Obama the Nobel Prize for Peace, the world has faith again in the ideals of our nation. Now it's time for Obama, and for us, to make a serious commitment to the pursuit of peace.
80: Obama Annus Unus Clearing the Air: Progressives and the Presidency
Charlie Bertsch
Pondering the possible implications of a Barack Obama Presidency for American progressives.
80: Obama Annus Unus Soul Utility Vehicles: Aretha, Obama, and General Motors
Mike Mosher
On January 20, 2009, President Barack Obama was inaugurated, and a great African-American singer performed. One might allegorize the American automobile industry, especially General Motors Corporation, in the personage of one notable woman of Detroit, Aretha Franklin.
80: Obama Annus Unus Tears of Hope: Obama and Personal Politics
Joel. A. Lewis
I've heard people try to describe this strange euphoria since the election in a number of ways. For me the experience is a little more personal: it is the tears of hope my little brothers shed on November 4th.
80: Obama Annus Unus The Pluggs
Mark Patrick
Electrical impatience about the new President.
80: Obama Annus Unus As Bushnight Ends: Approaching Obamorning in America
Mike Mosher
Ten scattershot impressions from the last three months of 2008.
80: Obama Annus Unus Bush Protested in London
Heather Turner
On the last 'leg' of his 'Farewell Tour' of much of the industrialized western world, President George Bush's visit was greeted in London by scores of people outraged over everything from the civilian deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan to global climate change. Expecting the typical European reception of the U.S. president, security forces were beefed-up everywhere Bush stopped.
80: Obama Annus Unus Shoe Resistance: A Pictorial
Zack Furness
"This is a farewell kiss, you dog!"

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