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Articles posted in 2010
2010 Dexter at the Tea Party
Perhaps this lone vigilante Dexter, who cleans up—that is, ritualistically kills and dismembers the mess that our system of justice creates and cannot clean up itself—and who constrains his own personal freedom only in the way he personally chooses, who chooses to accept the family as the only legitimate bridle on his personal freedom, is the hero the Teabaggers seek?
2010 I’m Just a Wizard Laboring in a Violent and Softcore Consumer Culture: A Historical Look at the Changing Culture of Consumption in Digital Games
Nate Garrelts, Yoda graphic from game Soul Calibur IV.
With networked gameplay and great downloads came the potential for virtual assets to be bought and sold, along with all of the other content.
2010 Can't Forget the Motor Kelley: Mobile Homestead at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit
Bottle: collection of Mike Mosher. Mobile Homestead photo © Kelley Studio.
Los Angeles-based artist Mike Kelley returned to his home state of Michigan with a rolling replica (of sorts) of his boyhood home in the suburb Westland. This vehicle, towed around Detroit, is to become part of a permanent structure on the grounds of MOCAD.
2010 Response to "Can't Forget the Motor Kelley"
2010 Snapshots of Cuba
Rosalie Riegle, Cuba postcard from hearingloss.blogspot.com
From October 13th through 20th, I visited Cuba on a wonderful deluxe tour that I’ll never forget. After my first few days in Habana, I wasn’t so sure about lifting the travel ban and embargo.
2010 Class Warfarin: Dosage
Joseph Natoli, image from www.tvhistory.tv
Why Americans are not upset by the steady siphoning of wealth from the many to the very few is a question that confounds, more confounding than probing into America's love affair with the automobile because class and conflict are words, like Lord Voldemort, that cannot be uttered. Unfortunately, we are gladly feasting on what makes this silence possible.

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