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2011 81: Arizona Biopower
This issue of Bad Subjects: Political Education for Everyday Life (http://bad.eserver.org/) provides insight into the acts of state-sponsored biopower in the Arizona-México borderlands.
2011 Class Warfarin: Hemorrhaging
Joseph Natoli
Like the poisoned rat, we can't make a connection between our decline and our appetites, or, more precisely, what we've been fed that's labeled 'fair and balanced" and we've greedily consumed.
2011 Youth in the Era of Disposability
Henry A. Giroux
Increasingly viewed as yet another social burden, youth are no longer included in a discourse about the promise of a better future. Instead they are now considered part of a disposable population whose presence threatens to recall repressed collective memories of adult responsibility.
2011 Letter from Cairo: Spirit of Revolution and Cartoon Signs in Tahrir Square
I'm so glad I lived to witness this great moment in our history and the history of the whole world, and yet more, to be part of it. The signs people drew at Tahrir Square are simple, but so meaningful.
2011 Class Warfarin: Autopsy
2011 Protest at the Michigan State Capitol
2011 Cyber-liberty, Democracy and the Arab Psyche
2011 speciousness of origin
The postmodern world has slowly begun to grapple with the realization that there is in fact `no metaposition,' no Archimedean point, on which to enjoy the insights of ultimate objectivity. The mesh describes the interconnectedness of not only living things, but also non-living things, deconstructing the crucial, ultimately political, distinction between inside and outside.
2011 Class Warfarin:Antidote
In the end, this is a war first with ourselves. As long as we refuse to admit that we are not self-creating nor free to choose to be free to choose, this will be a war we cannot identify, a war without a label. And as long as both the poison and the antidote remain without labels, the wealth of the few will increase as will the distress of the many.
2011 Three Close Encounters with Daniel Ellsberg
Trudy Reagan, Graphic @ Trudy Myrrh Reagan 2004, 2011
2011 Word of Click: Social Networking and the Arab Spring Revolutions

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