83 Election 2012

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83 Election 2012 Introduction: Politics, Media, and Meaning
Tamara Watkins and Mike Mosher
This issue discusses the politics, media, and meaning of the 2012 election season.
83 Election 2012 No Touching
Dan Faltesek
Money and technology have transformed how political campaigns are run.
83 Election 2012 As the Rerun Airs: Is the United States Finally Ready for Social Democracy?
Gregory G. Jackson
As the 2012 election draws closer, the electorate must face questions about war debt, health care, education equality, and other topics.
83 Election 2012 My Problem with Michele
Tamara Watkins
Michele Bachmann recently stated that her literal interpretation of the Bible encourages her to be submissive to her husband. Her admission raises questions about the nature of her candidacy, and whether the electorate should be wary of the influence political spouses wield.
83 Election 2012 Sex, Drugs, and Republicans
Tamara Watkins
Rick Santorum wants to make sex lives "special" by imposing his religiously-influenced views on contraception on the American public, leaving detractors in a froth over this new attack on personal liberty and the weakening division between church and state.
83 Election 2012 Freedom of Information Under Obama
Harry Hammitt
The federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) has been the primary vehicle for forcing federal agencies to disclose information, the most important right of access to government information. Yet FOIA has clearly been something of a disappointment under President Obama.
83 Election 2012 The Presidential Election Season: the Future Envisioned
Joseph Natoli
Neoliberalism makes the 2012 election an election unconcerned with the brief we should be making. It cannot therefore be consequential as a beginning toward a corrective future.
83 Election 2012 Towards More Perfect Unions: Michigan Labor and the 2012 Election
Mike Mosher
Not only the US Presidency, but state ballot initiatives have consequences for labor.
83 Election 2012 Why Chelsea Handler Matters
Tamara Watkins
Although Handler is not the only comedienne who openly discusses the fact that she has had an abortion, she is currently the comedienne with the largest cultural presence to do so. Handler's refusal to conform to cultural pressure and be ashamed of her past actions makes her a contemporary pop culture feminist heroine and role model.
83 Election 2012 Middleland: Some Drawings and Photographs
Melissa Vandenberg
We look to the convenience of a homeland, likely an idealized notion, for refuge.
83 Election 2012 Mitt Eats
Chad M. White
Artist Chad M. White seemingly asks, if capital is dead labor, then what's pro-life snacking on the campaign trail?
83 Election 2012 Romney's Mark of Cain, I Mean Bain
Pauly Bunyansky

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