84 Crafts

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This issue of Bad Subjects provides insight into the political, social, and cultural aspects of craft and folk art.
84 Crafts Introduction: The Production, Consumption, and Meaning of Arts and Crafts
Tamara Watkins, Mike Mosher
This issue discusses the production, consumption, and meaning of arts and crafts.
84 Crafts "It's Not a Hobby, It's a Post-apocalyptic Skill": Space, Feminism, Queer, and Sticks and String
Emma Sheppard
Although knitting has a tame reputation, it can be political. Yarnbombing gives political activists another medium through which to express themselves.
84 Crafts They Privatized Paradise and Put Up a Parking Lot
Annaliese Pope
When the municipal government of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, opted to privatize and remodel four of its city parks, a community of artisans suffered.
84 Crafts Towards an Understanding of Fine Craft in the Age of Computers
Molly Hankwitz
Craft begins to be a link between ages, customs, habits, and the people who invented them. Craft is loved, preserved, and learned.
84 Crafts Soft Power
Melissa Vandenberg
Soft Power is the artist's ongoing series that refers to nationalism, patriotism and current events through use of flags, stars, fabrics, food and mushroom clouds.
84 Crafts Glass Painting: the Storytelling Griot of the Signares
Chrysanthe M.
Fashionably dressed to the nines in their striking gowns, headwear, and jewelry, it is no surprise that signares became a staple and iconic image in the medium of glass painting.
84 Crafts A Gallery of Glass Paintings of Signares
From the collection of Chrysanthe M.
84 Crafts Mike Crafty, or Broken Toys Kelley
Mike Mosher
In Mike Kelley's career, one finds a lifelong, problematic relationship with craft, both as craftsmanship and the realm of Crafts.
84 Crafts Jimm Juback's DANIEL BOONE: A Bow and Arrow Made of Shticks
Mike Mosher
In almost all our film efforts we tried to work with a narrative of some type. And we weren’t uncomfortable with the idea of an audience.
84 Crafts And Called It Macaroni
Michael Powers
A macaroni was a fop who was in the height of fashion during the 1770's. The macaroni has never really left us though.
84 Crafts Against Craftsmanship
Chad M. White
Our talentless students have failed all their art classes. They have failed life and will never do it right.
84 Crafts A Womb of His Own: How Political Craftivism Helps Male Legislators Realize Their Dreams of Having Female Reproductive Organs
Tamara Watkins
For pro-choice craftivists, knitting is a form of political protest.
84 Crafts DIY: Decolonizing Our Lives
Kevin Wehr
Although its theoretical and philosophical roots are much older, DIY is an up-and-coming issue of the twenty-first century.

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