85 Is Kennedy Dead?

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This issue examines the imagery of President John F. Kennedy, and especially his assassination fifty years ago.
85 Is Kennedy Dead? Bad Subjects #85: Is Kennedy Dead?
Mike Mosher
November 2013 will undoubtedly see much ink and pixel devoted to November 22nd, 1963, the day US President John F. Kennedy was shot. This issue of Bad Subjects: Political Education in Everyday Life examines the imagery of his enduring legacy, and especially his assassination fifty years ago.
85 Is Kennedy Dead? Talking Long into the Night: JFK meets Dorothy Day
Rosalie G. Riegle
In 1940 two Kennedy boys met Catholic peace activist Dorothy Day.
85 Is Kennedy Dead? Habits of Mind and Time: From JFK to Now
Joseph Natoli
The question of what remains of JFK's legacy now, fifty years after his death, or, the question of whether we are as divided now as to what JFK's brief reign means, as back then but in different ways, are just questions which lead us to recognizing how radically altered we have become in our "habits of mind and time."
85 Is Kennedy Dead? JFK's Legacy: The Awakening of Conspiracy, and the Inauguration of the Peaceful Science Driver
Walter Alter
Kennedy's space program announced the promise to put a man on the Moon, and the spinoff of his assassination into a conspiracy theory industry resulted in a sea change of public perception about how government and industry policies are actually implemented.
85 Is Kennedy Dead? Motown Records, 1963, and the Heat Wave in Detroit
Mike Mosher
White Michigan, and white America, was forced to recognize African Americans' struggle for equality. Like their metaphor for romance that Martha and the Vandellas sang of in 1963, the movement for equal rights was like a "Heat Wave."
85 Is Kennedy Dead? Mapping First Lady Blues (and Pinks)
Molly Hankwitz Cox
Jacqueline Kennedy bore a huge reserve of calm.
85 Is Kennedy Dead? Back And to the Future: The Eternal Return to Dealey Plaza
David Cox
Dealey Plaza is iconic. As architecture and urban planning, fifty years ago it would have appeared super smart and manicured, a neat combination of commerce, transit, and a city on the move. But there are many Dealey Plazas.
85 Is Kennedy Dead? Don't Shoot the Pretty Pink Hat: How to Play JFK: Reloaded on the Anniversary of his Assassination
Nate Garrelts
In an official press release, Traffic Games spokesman Kirk Ewing said that their 2004 game JFK: Reloaded had the potential to “disprove once and for all any notion that someone else [besides Lee Harvey Oswald] was involved in the assassination of President Kennedy.”
85 Is Kennedy Dead? The State Funeral for Gay Rights Pioneer Jose Sarria, Empress I de San Francisco
Ron Henggeler
The September 6, 2013 "state funeral service" for Jose Sarria, a.k.a. Empress I de San Francisco, The Widow Norton was held at Grace Cathedral on Nob Hill. It was a service the likes of which have never been seen before in San Francisco, or anywhere.
85 Is Kennedy Dead? Notes on Destroy All Monsters’ Song “November 22nd, 1963”
Cary Loren
On the morning of the shooting, an announcement came over our school speaker system and we were sent home, confused and frightened.
85 Is Kennedy Dead? Another Witness: "November 22, 1963" by Niagara, DAM and Ron Asheton
It was a lesson of metamorphosis by an experienced craftsman. Literally life-changing. We were pretty enthralled.
85 Is Kennedy Dead? The Dead Kennedys, 1981
Photographs by Greg Gaar
Greg Gaar captures the band the Dead Kennedys, with its leapin' lallocropianist Jello Biafra, in Punk rock action at the Elite Club (in the Fillmore Auditorium), San Francisco, California 1981.
85 Is Kennedy Dead? Marilyn, John & John
Ben Rufisque & Olivia Nixon
Do you agree that "Happiness is a Warm Gun"?
85 Is Kennedy Dead? Camelot
Charlie Bertsch
Camelot testifies both to how badly we long to find a realm where reason reigns supreme and how unlikely it is that this quest will succeed, even for a short while.

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