86 Erasure of Memory

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This issue tells this story of economic growth and prosperity, envisioned in a particular way, relegating historical memory to the dust pile.
86 Erasure of Memory The End of...Erasure of...Repression of...Challenge to...and New Beginning of—Memory
Joseph Natoli
This special issue will tell this story of economic growth and prosperity, envisioned in a particular way, as relegating historical memory to the dust pile. But there are other narratives of memory besides this End of Memory narrative: Repressed memories,Erased and Replaced Memories, Challenged Memory, and The End of Forgetting.
86 Erasure of Memory Anachronism: Softening the Temporal Domain
Joseph Natoli
Can anything be anachronistic in our post-truth, entrepreneurial, Millennial age?
86 Erasure of Memory Mike Kelley at PS1: Dark Humor Unseats All Rules and Restraints
Julie Paveglio
Kelley challenges cultural politics and the status quo directly, gender and identity within self and object relations, artistic techniques and forms. Recontextualizing meaning through the alterations of familiar, mundane low-brow imagery and ideas, he unseats social constructions.
86 Erasure of Memory What's Prison Like?
Colin Scholl
A twenty year sentence means a million things to me.
86 Erasure of Memory Memory and Gentrification in the Sign Wars
David Cox
Fortresses of privatised security and surveillance mushroom in areas that were once proud to include everybody in the civic spaces of their once much more democratic cities.
86 Erasure of Memory He Forgot All the Words He Ever Knew: Teenage Bison Boys, Politics and Digital Archives
Mike Mosher
Once, a cavalier attitude led us to the crime of conservatism. And forms of digital media, and the integument of Internet between them, makes 1970 appears closer to 2014 than it did to 1980.
86 Erasure of Memory "The Violence of Organized Forgetting" and "Hope in the Age of Looming Authoritarianism"
Henry A. Giroux
America has become amnesiac - a country in which forms of historical, political, and moral forgetting are not only willfully practiced but celebrated.
86 Erasure of Memory Leaving The Past Behind: Donating Trauma To Museums
Belinda Morrissey
How might memory come to an end? Or rather, how might memory cease to be? Does memory collapse when faced with the unthinkable, or when presented with the banal? Whose memories are ending; whose are merely developing through the viewing of these objects?
86 Erasure of Memory You Can Look It Up
Frederik L. Rusch
Memory must not die or we will. Even the artists in the Lascaux Caves knew that.
86 Erasure of Memory Present in Progress: Nick Cave and the Condition of the Higgs Boson Blues
John Duffy
The traveler’s inward journey is a condition caused by an absence of memory, or more specifically, an absence of historical counternarratives that challenge the ever-present now and free him from a life that is paradoxically hellish and comfortable. Redemption, then, first requires an awareness of the condition itself, which Cave identifies in song.
86 Erasure of Memory On the Santa Cruz Fantastic
Ret Marut
Dr. Marut tells a story that explains why institutional memory is (mostly) a grave in Santa Cruz, California and how the radical heritage of its university wound up in the grips of a nihilistic psychosis. His prescription? A long bath in the tepid waters of mediocrity, plenty of rest, fluids, and when the time comes, surrender to the fantastic will of the Fates.
86 Erasure of Memory Memory is Just an Obstacle in the Pursuit of a Perfectly Constructed Self
Virgil Sandberg
Our worldview has become less of a spanning breadth and more of an amalgamation of unrelated “stuff”.
86 Erasure of Memory Memory: Some Background
Joseph Natoli
Capitalism was not always organizing the end of memory.
86 Erasure of Memory The Tangle of Memory Can Have No End
Zachariah Buck
Memory is a multiple. Lines of memory fly in all directions like the strands of the vast highway system that spans the United States. It has intensified points along the way like those whirling ecstasies you have with your lover in enfolded roadside motels.
86 Erasure of Memory Cybertech's Perpetually Retrievable Past
Walter Alter
Not only is so much of the past now being recorded and memorialized via high resolution media and artifact preservation, but dead and suppressed languages along with their native cultures are being brought back to life around the world.
86 Erasure of Memory Forget Forgetting: We Can Still Find You. Probably.
Kim Lacey
Digital embarrassments are not the end of the world; instead, they’re out there and available to be discovered by random searches or profile stalking. But what happens when you actually want to be forgotten?

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