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2015 88 The University
This issue questions "what is the university?", in 2015.
2015 87 Weapons
This issue investigates how weapons and weapons culture are woven into civil society.
2015 Our Millennial Age of Magic
Magical thinking finally finds a welcome that both science and faith had denied it. This millennial magic has found its place in a Western Tradition of Rationality and Realism truly transformed, as base metal into gold, to nurture and endorse the illusions of magic.
2015 The August 6th Republican Candidates' Debate
Richard Von Busack
A physician can be very good at his trade and still be an A-1 dumb dummy.
2015 A New Mascot for the Democrats
Patrick Powers
If the donkey isn't cutting it, maybe the Democrats should get a new mascot?
2015 I Thought We Were Watching a Game Show When...
Short span comment on the Dec. 15th Republican Debate.

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