87 Weapons

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This issue investigates how weapons and weapons culture are woven into civil society.
87 Weapons Weapon World: An Introduction
Molly Hankwitz
A culture of weapons preoccupies the imagination.
87 Weapons Gun Lust in Hollywood
Thomas Powell
Powell draws bede upon the normalization of gun violence and conflations of sex and violence in which Hollywood film and TV engage.
87 Weapons Stupidity as a Weapon of War
Walter Alter
The blinding use of stupidity as a pervasive tactic in war.
87 Weapons Weapons are Extensions of the Body
David Cox
An history lesson in weapons as physical extensions of the body; ghost warfare and other strategies.
87 Weapons Putin on his Handcuffed Horse
Carol Morris
A playroom look at the big Russian gunslinger.
87 Weapons Michi-Gun, Land of A Thousand Contradictions
Mike Mosher
My state might be called Michi-Gun, to express our thousand contradictions involving rights, race, rock n’ roll and firearms.
87 Weapons Weapons in Northern Michigan
Patrick Powers
In Alpena, MI sporting goods stores, one may, for $2,350, purchase a safe large enough to hold over a dozen rifles and shotguns.
87 Weapons 19 Kids and Shooting: Jessa Duggar, Her Trip to the Gun Range, and Anti-Choice Rhetoric in the Quiverfull Movement
Tamara Watkins
Jessa Duggar provides a pretty face for ugly ideology.
87 Weapons Ploughshares to Swords: The Weaponization of the Internet
Patrick Lichty
The increasing militarization and weaponization of the Internet is traced succinctly from its origins at DARPA.
87 Weapons Survivalism and the Global Mind: Recent Films of Dominic Gagnon
Molly Hankwitz
Flagged for removal on YouTube, Gagnon's content is re-purposed to send a powerful cinematic message.
87 Weapons The Great Equalizer
Colin Scholl
Coming from white privilege assures you will receive some very special treatment in prison.
87 Weapons An Examination of Some Recent Police Killings
Steve Martinot
In recent years, violence perpetrated by police officers against civilians has gained national attention.
87 Weapons A Modest Proposal About Police Killings
Mike Mosher
If a police officer kills someone in the line of duty, it should end his or her police career.
87 Weapons Fatal Eruptions on the American Scene
Joseph Natoli
A black man selling "loosies," un-packaged cigarettes, to the homeless is not only ungentrified but also a plight in the gentrified imagination.
87 Weapons Where We Live
Holly Eskew
A personal journey into the memory of a young friend's life and death.

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