88 The University

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This issue questions "what is the university?", in 2015.
88 The University Introduction: The University
Molly Hankwitz & Mike Mosher
Let's turn our attention to the university in 2015.
88 The University What Save Cooper Union Means
Alice Yang
A personal account of the student protests around the end of a tuition-free Cooper Union.
88 The University Notes on the Precariousness of an Art History Education
Adam Barbu
Towards a new form of self-criticism in the art history classroom.
88 The University The Politics of the Bow Tie
John Philipp Baesler
I would love to see more academics with bow ties. The idea of playfulness does not negate the seriousness of our business, which is to generate ideas that connect a variety of aspects of the social and natural universe.
88 The University Communiversity: The Free School From the 70’s That Changed The Way People Play
John Law
Chronology and history of The Suicide Club's "free university" at San Francisco State.
88 The University Art, Sex, Identity and Existence: A Dialogue on Selfies
Kim Lacey and Mike Mosher
How do we capture ourselves, in this moment, the “here I am” of the selfie, in dialogue?
88 The University Roethke and War
Rosalie Riegle
Theodore Roethke was no anti-war poet. But poems hint that he was deeply troubled by the growing conflagration in Europe.
88 The University In Quest of Immortality
Thomas Powell
Critique of academic debates from the "Immortality Project."
88 The University Fortress Campus and the Power Relations of a Google Bus Window
Molly Hankwitz
Class issues dividing communities and universities are reinforced with increased campus security systems, hefty tuitions, and privatization of public resources.
88 The University US Higher Education: The New “Treasure Island” for Investors
Joseph Natoli
So how far are we in the United States in turning higher education into a good return on investment?
88 The University The Matter of Black Lives for Jon Lockard
Mike Mosher
The breadth of black power motivated the rich and exemplary career of the artist Jon Onye Lockard, in Detroit and Ann Arbor, Michigan. His career included support from local business, universities and community colleges, and national respect...yet not from Michigan's white art establishment.
88 The University Constitutional Structure and Social Justice: A Dissenting View of Normative Legal Thought
Omar Swartz
Freedom is an attitude that is expressed in the action of living as best one can within the constraints of an unjust social order.
88 The University Lyndon Johnson: Political Strategist
Patrick Powers
Lyndon Baines Johnson was an extremely goal oriented man. When he was twelve years old, he got the idea of becoming President and devoted most of his exceptional energy toward this aim.

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