89 Mass Extinction

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In this issue, we turn our attention to Mass Extinction as a species in the contexts of climate change and Anthropocene hubris.
89 Mass Extinction Mass Extinction
Molly Hankwitz and Thomas Powell
The Paris Climate Accord of December 2015 offers a beacon of hope in the international effort to survive as a species.
89 Mass Extinction In Hiroshima's 70th Year, Will the India-Japan Nuclear Deal Bury Global Non-Proliferation?
Kumar Sundaram
Will 2015 be remembered in history as a year when the human race decided to abandon the lessons of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
89 Mass Extinction Beyond Japan in the Post-Fukushima World Order: Japan’s Gamble on the Asian Nuclear Renaissance
Maia Sikina
Civil society groups in Japan and India have reacted swiftly to the collective nuclear hubris of their leaders.
89 Mass Extinction Climate Change Denial: The CO2 Cartel and American Policy
Lysander Reid-Powell
Climate-change deniers must go. They will not stop until the last drop of oil is gone.
89 Mass Extinction A Village of the Homeless; An Alternate Political Structure
Steve Martinot
They call it “liberty village,” and one can see this village in front of old City Hall.
89 Mass Extinction Postcard from Trinidad and Tabago
Manuel Pantin
Seeing and hearing about climate in small societies and countries.
89 Mass Extinction Doom For Whom? The Anthropocene as Opportunity
Mat Callahan
To rename the current geological epoch is just one more reminder of the howling contradiction between what we know and what we do.
89 Mass Extinction Adios Homo or the Ethics of Die-off
Thomas Powell
Global extinctions are cyclical and natural. Homo sapiens has initiated one.
89 Mass Extinction Praise to You, Through our Sister, Mother Earth
Rosalie Riegle
An Introduction to the papal encyclical Laudato Si’: On Care for our Common Home
89 Mass Extinction Waiting for the Antichrist: An Examination of Left Behind's Economics and Audience
Tamara Watkins
Christians have been thinking about the end of the world since nearly the beginning of their religious history.
89 Mass Extinction Lensing What's Left: Scenes from the Anthropocinema
David Cox
Films which have as their central idea humanity's impact on the planet.
89 Mass Extinction Extinction, Ennui, Ecology
Mike Mosher
Ponder cultural tendencies towards stasis and towards healthy life on the planet in my part of the US growing up.
89 Mass Extinction A Gallery of Mass Extinction Art
Curated by Thomas Powell
Broad renderings of epochal shifts, beliefs, events, and fears.

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