91 Faith

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This issue examines the idea and varieties of faith in our time.
91 Faith Faith: A Introduction
Tamara Watkins and Mike Mosher
91 Faith Faith Moved Me to Action: My Bernie Story
Mike Mosher
For a long time, I hadn't been involved in politics other than fulminating in the pixels of Bad Subjects.
91 Faith Notes From an Organizer: How to Love a Fascist
Whitney Dziurka
I love him as my brother, and he is only human, working within the constraints of what he knows as truth.
91 Faith Anti-Faith
Patrick Powers
What is faith, other than believing in something without, or in spite of, evidence?
91 Faith Does Science Replace Religion?
Trudy Myrrh Reagan
I straddle two worlds. My scientific family and studies have inspired me to incorporate science ideas and images into my art since 1967. My other world is that of a practicing Quaker.
91 Faith Adventures in Young Earth Creationism: The Creation Museum and the Troubling Questions It Inspires
Tamara Watkins
A research trip to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, inspires questions about the nature of "fact" in contemporary American culture.
91 Faith God-ness
Rosalie G. Riegle
Conflating faith with hope, I think people, and the institutions we create, can change.
91 Faith The Surreality of the Actual
Steve Martinot
The elite too decided there was “too much democracy”, a sentiment Samuel Huntington expressed in his speech to the Trilateral Commission in 1975. That elite then made a plan.
91 Faith Living Space and Parking Space in China
Thomas Powell
The perennial question in China's history "Got Space?" resurfaces again in two areas of current boomtown growth, living space and parking space.
91 Faith The Electrifying Mojo
Bill Carney
“Fear not, directly over the City of Detroit, a huge extraterrestrial vehicle is now hovering, while we have come to Detroit to interrupt your flow of redundancy..."
91 Faith Catching a Bus
Don Zuzula
By the time the last plant closed, there was hardly anyone left in town to bitch about it.
91 Faith Lucky Luther
Mike Mosher
Luther in his leather jacket/As the badass of Erfurt...

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