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Baddish articles published elsewhere online.
Art Alfred Arteaga
Alfred Arteaga, professor of ethnic studies at University of California - Berkeley, is a good friend and occasional contributor to Bad Subjects. This website contains samples of his writing and art.
Art Arts and Letters Daily
An excellent site for following public discussions of cultural politics.
Art Arts Journal -- Serious Popcorn
Martha Bayles' blog on film.
Art Bad Art
The Bush administration's anti-science stance puts innocent people at risk of being indicted on frivolous charges. by Annalee Newitz
Art Critical Art Ensemble
Steve Kurtz of the acclaimed Critical Art Ensemble is currently facing charges of wire fraud brought in connection with absurdly-alleged 'bioterrorism.' Also see the CAE Defense Fund website at
Art John Jota Leanos
John Leanos, professor of Chicana/o Studies at Arizona State University, has been a contributor of digital graphics to Bad Subjects.
Art Stephen Marc
Stephen Marc is a photography professor whose 'Passage on the Underground Railroad' documentation project has taken him to 21 states and Canada, with over 30,000 digital photos of Underground Railroad sites.
Art When the World Said No to War
A photographic exhibition, education forum and book on the historic anti-war protests that took place around the world in February 2003.

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