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Blogs by friends of the Bad Subjects Collective.
Friends' Blogs Aaron Shuman's Blog
Blog by a former Bad Subjects editor.
Friends' Blogs Bitches with Glitches
A multi-author blog with spirit.
Friends' Blogs Michael Bérubé Online
Michael Bérubé
This site includes links to about seventy of Bérubé's essays, published in academic journals and in more popular venues.
Friends' Blogs BlogLeft: Critical Interventions
Douglas Kellner
Douglas Kellner's collection of discussions to make sense of news and media events.
Friends' Blogs Committee to Protect Bloggers
A public committee to protect bloggers from imprisonment and guard their legal rights.
Friends' Blogs - News and Views
Nathan Newman
A blog about political economy and progressive politics.
Friends' Blogs Scott Rettberg's Blog
Scott Rettberg
Scott Rettberg teaches New Media Studies in the literature program of Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.
Friends' Blogs Steven Rubio's Online Life
Steven Rubio
Steven Rubio was a long-time Bad Subjects editor. He remains an occasional contributor and great friend of Bad editors.
Friends' Blogs Wonkette
Ana Marie Cox
Popular Washington-insider blog by Ana Marie Cox, a once-upon-a-time Bad Subjects editor and former executive editor of Suck. Wonkette T-shirts now on sale too!

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