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Websites about contemporary politics.
Politics AlterNet
A project of the Independent Media Institute to support alternative media sources.
Politics America & the Globe
The web component of an election year project 2004 -- America & The Globe - GOP Edition, focussing on the US Presidential elections and democratic practice in America.
Politics Center for American Progress
Progressive think-tank with an interesting and informative website.
Politics Cuban Philosophy and Thought
Spanish-language site featuring writings by Jose Marti, the Marxist tradition, and contemporary Cuban thinkers.
Politics Decadent West
On politics and pop culture.
Politics Density Church International
Hilarious send-up of evangelical Christianity from New Zealand.
Politics Disinformation: The Gateway to the Underground
Agglomeration of political sources; the largest online alternative news and information site. In existence since 1996.
Politics Human Rights Watch
Up-to-date news on global human rights issues.
Politics Annalee Newitz - Alternet
A collection of columns by BS co-founder Annalee Newitz, at Alternet.
Politics Open Secrets
A guide to money in the US political process. The website is a project of the Center for Responsive Politics.
Politics Poets Against War
An online anthology of over 20,000 poems against the Iraq War.
Politics Political Theory Daily
A political wonk's dream website. A daily blog run by Alfredo Perez, a doctoral student at the New School for Social Research, providing daily takes on the online political reading of the day.
Politics Pop Politics
PopPolitics was launched as an online magazine blending pop culture and politics and covering the connections between them. After a publishing hiatus, it returned as a daily weblog.
Politics Popular Culture Collective
This Australia-based collective "is a community of film makers, musicians, web builders, designers, writers, researchers and teachers who wish to create thinking – and thoughtful – popular culture."
Politics Raw Story Q
The queer other half of Raw Story.
Politics Santorum Exposed
Website with video exposes of Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum.
Politics School of the Americas Watch
SOA Watch is a nonviolent grassroots movement that works through creative protest and resistance, legislative and media work to stand in solidarity with the people of Latin America.
Politics Signs of the Times
A left-wing British online publishing collective carrying essays on a variety of political topics.
Politics Tenure Justice
A website explaining the cause of Professor Ignacio Chapela, a biogenetics professor at University of California - Berkeley who has lost his position in the middle of controversy over agricultural bio-engineering and the role of biotechnology corporations in academia.
Politics The Raw Story
Commercial news feed with an anti-Bush attitude.
Politics The Ronald Reagan House for the Criminally Insane
Bad taste for a good cause. This satirical site is "dedicated to providing compassionate conservative mental health care to the American people using graphics, quality products of war, guerrilla theater and stand-up comedy.
Politics Votergasm
Sex and politics. Very Bad.
Politics Wombles
"The Wombles promote anarchist ideas, libertarian solidarity, autonomous self-organisation and humour." The well-known UK anarchist collective, which actually does have a sense of political humor.

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