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Websites about war and peace.
War Antiwar.com
Founded in 1995, Antiwar.com is a compendium of daily news and attitudes for the antiwar set. "Devoted to the cause of noninterventionism," Antiwar.com is an impressive cross-ideological effort to critique "the War Party" of American empire and the consensus of humanitarian intervention and war against terror. This site believes that "just like in Vietnam, the opposition comes from the extremes of the political spectrum," which means you get your Edward Said and Bob Fisk fix from this project.
War Peaceful Tomorrows
An advocacy organization founded by family members of 9/11 victims "to seek nonviolent responses to terrorism and identify a commonality with all people similarly affected by violence throughout the world." Their current campaign calls for the U.S. to establish an Afghan Victims Fund to provide humanitarian assistance to Afghan civilians hurt by the U.S. military.
War Iraq Body Count
Provides well-documented information on civilian casualites as part of its Human Security project.
War Juan Cole - Informed Comment Blog
Cole professes history at University of Michigan and provides knowledgeable comment about the Middle East.
War United for Peace and Justice
Calls for concerned individuals and local groups to organize peace events on 9/11 and features a calendar of events.
War The War in Context
The best of the one-man-and-a-website efforts to emerge after 9/11. Begun with the belief that "an effective movement would need to be able to reach out to ordinary people who may not profess any political affiliations", War in Context's presentation of the best investigative revelations from major media with links to international reporting and activism realizes its goal to provide "an independent voice that isn't constrained by any political dogma."

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