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Reviews published during 1999.
1999 Birth of a Nation 'hood: Gaze, Script and Spectacle in the O.J. Simpson Case
Mike Mosher
Three years ago O.J. imagery was inescapable. The slow White Bronco chase on sunny freeways, the police keeping a respectable distance.
1999 Majic on the Moonlight
Fab.44's new recording comes in three gauges of abrasive, like a sandpaper sampler from Handy Dan's Hardware store.
1999 A People's History of the United States - A Lecture at Reed College
The CD sounds like a homecoming between a knife and a whetstone, with Zinn sharpening his critical commentary before an amused and loving audience of lefty college students and professors.
1999 Frank Black and The Catholics
Scott Till
Each time Black puts out another predictable album, passing off his Pixie howls as adolescent slip-ups, bitching about hurting "children's ears" and being "The Man Who Was Too Loud" I can't help but fear that the world is the worse off for it.
1999 The Sebadoh
Charlie Bertsch
Listening to The Sebadoh is like watching some lout pound his fists into a seemingly solid wall, only to find it disintegrate beneath their fury like so much construction paper.
1999 You've Got The Fucking Power
Brock Craft
The caustic, angry influence of early hardcore infuses nearly all the songs on the album, with only a couple of minimal ambient lulls.
1999 Steal This Album
Steven Rubio
Steal This Album generally avoids two of the most unfortunate aspects of much current rap music: the romanticizing of daily violence and the glorification of making lots of money that too often passes for revolutionary thought today.
1999 Part of the Deal
Aaron Shuman
If Sensefield is punk, then we are all living inside George Lucas' head, where origin determines character and plot.
1999 Emergency & I
Aaron Shuman
One thing that undermines the music is the amount of space given words. Never have I encountered songs so thick with them.
1999 Divide and Fall? Bosnia in the Annals of Partition
Joel Schalit
One of the best things to come out of the war in Kosovo is the bevy of current literature that provides accounts of the Yugoslav civil wars.
1999 Julie Doiron and the Wooden Stars
Aaron Shuman
This album reminds me of Codeine's Frigid Stars, which fans are known to cling to and suck on as if it were a beloved stuffed animal or fuzzy blanket.
1999 Enemymine
Bless their hearts, Enemymine sound just like your kid brother's angst rock band, and you have to love them for it.
1999 This Is Acid Jazz: The Spoken Word
Joe Lockard
Revolutionary is one of the most abused words in the English language, used interminably as a pump word for technology advertising and drained of its content as a meaningful description of in-your-face social anger.
1999 The Maggot
Nathan Keene
The Melvins are a wide band as well as a deep one when it comes to their tributary swipage on The Maggot, and it gives the album the authoritative ring of musical scripture.
1999 Live in Siberia
Everett True
The story goes like this: I'd been hanging out in Novosiribisk, capital of Siberia, for a couple of days with two Red Army drop-outs...
1999 The Strangest Secret and Sun Ra Research
Mike Mosher
The Strangest Secret is a Santana-like jazz-rock whatzit that's very Woodstock-era and drenched in wah-wah guitar.
1999 The Artist
Everett True
I first heard Jonathan Richman back in '82....
1999 Live in Oakland
Steven Rubio
The E Street Band is better now than they used to be, and Bruce sings better than ever, which astonishes those of us who expressed concern before the tour that he couldn't sing rockers anymore.
1999 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Megan Prelinger
It's ideally calibrated for late nineties public consciousness. Who needs TV when the book packages Spectacle so well?
1999 I Want Some and Save Yourself
Aaron Shuman
By bringing it back home to Hot Chocolate City, the Make Up have created an album that deserves to be called sublime.
1999 Minoritized Space: An Inquiry into the Spatial Order of Things
Joe Lockard
Minority spaces, in both spatial and psychic senses, are the heartland of national self-imagination in the United States.
1999 Men Called Him Master
Aaron Shuman
Haywood serves up a good stew of underground styles. Minneapolis power-pop is the base, with a dash of Kill Rock Stars' manifesto-makers, and a whole lot of alt-country added by the down-tempo end.
1999 Circle Gets the Square
Mike Mosher
It's as if Psywarfare, only moments before entering the studio, discovered ambient records like Brian Eno's Music for Airports and decided that the lesson to be learned from them was that it's legitimate to disregard artistic distinctiveness altogether.
1999 Lucas and Friends Discover a World of Sounds
Mike Mosher
When I was a kid, there was a booth in Chicago's LaSalle Street Station where you could make your own records.
1999 The Hot Rock
Steven Rubio
Sleater-Kinney's unapologetic but understated commitment to music made by women is both inspiring and encompassing of all fans.
1999 The Heretic of Ether
Joe Lockard
Israeli fusion artists face rejection from cultural xenophobes -- both Jewish and Arab -- who feel uncomfortable with and threatened by musical weaving and intermixture.
1999 Illuminati
John Brady
An album of remixes of songs from the Pastels last album, Illuminati is a cultural hybrid of sorts. It combines the pop idiom of the source material with the re-mix, one of the dominant cultural forms of the electronica/electronic dance genre.
1999 Satanic Ritual Abuse
Laurie Bell
The Christal Methodists are the Linda Tripps of punk.
1999 Spears Into Hooks
Joe Lockard
Thirty-two years of Israeli military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza have begotten Meira Asher. Her angry music rattles with the prophetic rage of a punk Jeremiah.
1999 Bombay The Hard Way
Amardeep Singh
Behind the unforgivably grubby Mexicans and noble-savage Indian characters of old westerns, there are hundreds of profoundly affecting movie soundtracks written by an Italian immigrant named Ennio Morricone. He's still on the playlist at college radio stations in my town, in between Cuban hardcore, gamelan, death metal, free jazz and Japanese trip hop.
1999 American Nervoso
Charlie Bertsch
It's hard to find frightening music these days. Think back to the era when Bill Haley and the Comets scared the parents of America. Now we have Marilyn Manson.
1999 Evangelists Exposed and Mondo Tilton
Joe Lockard
The only time I am ever exposed to television evangelism and faith healing is when I check into a motel during a road trip and tune into the local cable station. I've sat up past midnight in southern Georgia, appalled at the exotic Christian circus that I'm watching.
1999 Land and Sea
Jeremy Russell
The Crabs fourth full-length album, Land and Sea, is a pretty bit of pop punk made gorgeous ear candy through excellent layering and harmonics. However, ultimately it seems a glorious exultation of nothing special.
1999 Live at Tower Records, April 17th 1999
Mike Mosher
I was spoiled at an early age. Most of the rock n' roll bands I saw between the ages of fourteen and eighteen were at warm-weather Sunday afternoon free concerts, among acres of hippies, bikers, radicals, college students and high school students who created a semi-autonomous arena of permissive leisure and community.
1999 Le Coudre Grinçant de l'Anarchie
Joe Lockard
Hawad has a unique voice, one that in its quieter moments fills with the wry observations of a latter-day Benjamin of Toledo, a traveler abroad in the world. He is a North African outsider, a poet who sees Europe from the perspective of a desert nomad...
1999 The Pyrotechnic Insanitarium: American Culture on the Brink
Molly Hankwitz
Mark Dery, coiner of the term 'culture jammer,' and author of the 'culture jammer manifesto' gives an interesting interpretation of the apocalyptic chatter characterizing the American millennium.
1999 Espace/Paysage, Galerie Sud, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
Joe Lockard
The question that concludes David Hockney's retrospective exhibition at the Centre Pompidou is that of a viewer's place in his work. That question is far from simple, for Hockney leaves the public with only hints.
1999 Jerusalem Betrayed: Ancient Prophecy and Modern Conspiracy Collide in the Holy City
Joe Lockard
My five-year old daughter and I were walking up Bezalel Street in Jerusalem when the Messiah came down the steps out of the Zichronot neighborhood.
1999 English and the Discourses of Colonialism
Joe Lockard
One of the most obvious features of English-language teaching outside the English-speaking world is that two major groups constitute the majority of teachers: young graduates out to see the world for awhile, and third- through fifth-raters who were not sufficiently competent to get a job back at from wherever they came.
1999 Never Been Anywhere
Joe Lockard
Today's regional culture is a postindustrial industry. The national landscape is littered with towns and regions where historical memory is the major economic product, replacing material products with a potentially even more profitable re-envisioning
1999 Wonders of Giardia
Wonders of Giardia is a raucous collection of post-hardcore tunes made by former members of Dead and Gone that will have you have you digging through the recycling bin for bottles fit for making Molotov cocktails.
1999 The Zine Yearbook
Joe Lockard
The transience and local availability of zines makes them a print culture that speaks to the moment, that embraces the whim of picking them up off a rack in a locally-owned music or video shop and finding the bright spark of another mind speaking.
1999 Uterus and Fire
To get you ready for this CD, first try drinking a jug of mescaline-laced moonshine, and then take a fishing trip to the Columbia River to catch some radioactive crawdads.
1999 Degrees of Amnesia
Charlie Bertsch
There was a time during the resurrection of guitar rock in the early 1990s when any 'alternative' music made on a computer was bound to seem like a breath of fresh air.
1999 Love is the Devil Soundtrack
Charlie Bertsch
There's a lot to blame for the mediocrity of mainstream American film, but one frequently overlooked factor its the revolution in movie soundtracks inaugurated by such 1970s blockbusters as American Graffiti, Saturday Night Fever, and, of course, Star Wars.
1999 Anti-Theft Device and the Suprize Packidge EP
Charlie Bertsch
You know all those in-between parts on your favorite rap albums, the spoken-word intros, the public-service announcement codas, the squiggly sounds that flesh out the beat?
1999 Arlington Road
Megan Prelinger
Arlington Road is a truly frightening movie. It is a badly-written action film disguised as a political thriller that commits a number of crimes as it cuts a swath through American movie theaters.
1999 The Touch 7
Joel Schalit
Sixties-influenced garage rock is one of those recurrent genres that keep coming back every quarter of a generation or so.
1999 Up Next
Frederick Luis Aldama
It's hard to imagine what part of today's Seattle fed the eclectic collection of sounds on the locally-produced Up Next compilation.
1999 Don't Wake Me Up
Aaron Shuman
Orchestral in range, Don't Wake Me Up offers movements of the balletic and the bowel.
1999 Self-Titled
Nathan Keene
This disk would set a great ambience for an evening of hanging your friends from the ceiling and flaying them alive.

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