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Reviews published during 2003.
2003 Workers' Councils
Charlie Bertsch
This book follows a formula its publisher has had success with in recent years. Take a neglected but significant piece of leftist literature, frequently issued as a pamphlet the first time around, and get it back into print, taking the time to make it look nice along the way.
2003 Live at Studio Z
Rachel Swan
Performing on the eve of the San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade, Medusa is a picture-perfect gay icon, the love child of Angela Davis and Shug Avery, with an expert swagger, clamorous arias about gangster pussies, and unsurpassed moxie.
2003 A New World in Our Hearts: Eight Years of Writing from the Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation
Aaron Shuman
Back in my college day -- which began the same year as Love and Rage, in 1989 -- Marxists were white people who presumed to correct your ideology on the way to the benefit, usually driving in their Lexus.
2003 With Intent to Destroy
Ron Nachman
What subject evokes as much pain and resignation as genocide?
2003 Pariah
Charlie Bertsch
The most interesting part of Pariah wasn't Nairn's attack on Blair, but his more abstract thoughts on international politics. Since his landmark book The Break-Up of Britain in the 1980s, Nairn has been a powerful advocate for self-determination in Scotland and Wales. You might think that tragedies in the former Jugoslavia would have tempered Nairn's enthusiasm for nationalism.
2003 Israel/Palestine: How to End the War of 1948
Joel Schalit
The cultural legacy of the Al-Aksa Intifada may not be worth very much to Palestinians and Israelis. With the only images of the conflict being slingshot-bearing children facing down tanks, or the tangled metal remains of commuter buses blown apart by suicide bombers, it would be hard to imagine that such a war would produce anything other than heartbreak and fear.
2003 The No-Nonsense Guide to Terrorism
Aaron Shuman
Inverting rhetoric of the war on terrorism may create effective slogans for antiwar mobilization, but it fails to create effective strategies to build a just, peaceful world. For Jonathan Barker, a writer on street-level politics in Africa and India, the movement against corporate globalization cannot ignore these questions.
2003 Victims
Charlie Bertsch
Experimental fiction is a lot like experimental music. The people who consume it are usually the same ones who produce it. The result is intellectual inbreeding...
2003 Quiet Rumours: An Anarcha-Feminist Reader
Charlie Bertsch
There's something fundamentally disturbing about an era in which previously published texts seem more pertinent than new ones. Every day seems to bring the publication of another anthology treading a path worn smooth by worthy predecessors...
2003 Parecon: Life after Capitalism
John Brady
One of the distinct pleasures I take away from Star Trek is sharing in the show's fantasy of a post-work society...A similar sense of utopian unreality pervades much of Michael Albert's recent book...
2003 Weapons of Mass Deception: The Uses of Propaganda in Bush's War on Iraq
Kari Lyderson
Nukes and chemical and biological weapons may be capable of wreaking a lot of havoc, but when it comes to war today, they aren't the real big guns. The real powers, it turns out, are the PR agencies.
2003 The Hemingway Book Club of Kosovo
Joe Lockard
When suburban liberal Californians discover the miserable social underclass of this world, the innocence can appall.
2003 The New H.N.I.C.: The Death of Civil Rights and the Reign of Hip Hop
Rachel Swan
Perhaps Todd Boyd is overzealous, or clumsy, in his certitude that the civil rights movement is frozen in time. After all, the hip hop generation wasn't an immaculate conception.
2003 A Working Stiff's Manifesto: Confessions of a Wage Slave
Joe Lockard
English studies have become a direct route to the American proletariat, and it's a good thing.
2003 The Hip Hop Generation: Young Blacks and the Crisis in African-American Culture
Aaron Shuman
One thing that has given me hope in a very grim year is the flourishing of youth activism. While bombardiers demolish schools abroad and choke their funding here, subjecting them to a slow living death, the movement continues to build.
2003 Emergent Publics: An Essay on Social Movements and Democracy
Scott Schaeffer
Emergent Publics takes on the notion that is often played out in American politics, namely the notion that all citizens are entitled to do in a democratic society is vote for candidates for office.
2003 Hip Hop Film Fest
Rachel Swan
Too often, hip hop activism falls by the wayside, as journalists pay undue attention to one-liners, keep-it-real bromides, and phat beats.
2003 Modern Times, Ancient Hours: Working Lives in the Twenty-First Century
Jonathan Sterne
"In Western society, for at least the past twenty-five years, the average working time of wage laborers has become increasingly burdensome and invasive -- more intense, fast-paced, 'flexible' and long."

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