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Reviews published in 2006
2006 Shel Silverstein’s The Missing Piece: A Lacanian Reading
Shel Silverstein’s book The Missing Piece creates a system of relations between beings where the structure of desire is presented without gender, but references a division between beings that resembles gender.
2006 Outlaws of America: The Weather Underground and the Politics of Solidarity
In Outlaws of America, Dan Berger’s history of the Weather Underground, we get a full-color portrait of the reasons why astute young people might want to be revolutionaries. Berger does a good job sketching the causes and justifications of a complex movement, but more than that, this book provides a cultural history of a vanguard of revolutionaries.
2006 The 2006 Slingshot Organizer
For those of you outside of the punk rock/anarchist loop, Slingshot is a political collective based out of Berkeley that has been publishing their pocket-sized organizers for a full decade now; using the proceeds to fund their main project, Slingshot Newspaper. The organizer contains a ton of great information...
2006 Critical Moment
Ann Arbor—home of the University of Michigan and rousing radical newspapers—has seen fifteen issues of its Critical Moment.
2006 Walls of Heritage, Walls of Pride—An Author's Reply
Response to a Bad Review of his book that reeked of self-promotion.
2006 The Rose Has Teeth In The Mouth Of A Beast
Charlie Bertsch
A review of the latest album by the San Francisco-based electronic music duo Matmos, arguing that it promotes a politically salutory "listening for context."
2006 Brick
A review of the 2006 film Brick, praising its cinematography and sound-editing, but questioning the value of its relentless referencing of other pictures, particularly those of David Lynch
2006 Matmos_Matador_Publicity_Photo_2006
Matador publicity shot of Matmos, circa 2006.
2006 An Inconvenient Truth
I must say, it’s honestly impressive to hear someone draw the links between problematic human behavior and environmental degradation without making a single solitary inference to the fact that capitalism itself—especially our current hedonistic consumer-based version—is 100% unsustainable and based upon the founding premise of “I’m gonna get mine and screw the rest of you.”
2006 gore photo
2006 Bon Cop, Bad Cop
Jonathan Sterne
A Canadian take on the old cop buddy movie genre raises questions about the relationship of language and race.
2006 "Paris, Je t'aime": Je l'aime, plus ou moins
This is a film of multiple shorts that each take a neighborhood of Paris for its vignette and statement. Unfortunately, most stick to well-known neighborhoods in the international tourist imagination. The ones that ventured into working class, immigrant or less touristy neighborhoods were among the most creative and moving.
2006 Benedict's 9/12/06 Speech: Popes Who Live in Stained Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones
The recent speech by Pope Benedict XVI, wherein he referred to the text of a rusty speech by a Byzantine emperor that cast Islam as an evil and violent religion, aroused a great uproar in the Muslim world.
2006 Killer Up! by the Up
The Up were stalwarts at the summertime Sunday free concerts in Ann Arbor Michigan until their dissolution in 1973. The "Killer Up!" collection was assembled from their sparse recordings.
2006 Critters Buggin @ Neumo's (12/16/06)

Critters Buggin is a Seattle-based ensemble that features experimental saxophonist/keyboardist Skerik, percussionist extraordinaire Mike Dillon, bassist Brad Houser and drummer Matt Chamberlain. This veteran lineup specializes in groove-based experimental music that relies upon heaping doses of polyrhythms, noise and punk/dub influences.

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