Walls of Heritage, Walls of Pride—An Author's Reply

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Response to a Bad Review of his book that reeked of self-promotion.

James Prigoff

Some years ago Mike Mosher wrote a Bad Review of the book Walls of Heritage, Walls of Pride.

The review reeked of self-promotion of Mosher's own supposed erudition. The review was flawed by numerous errors, and unfortunately the attack on not only the book but on this author was motivated by a personal grudge.

I chose to disregard it at the time. I just happened to reread it, and it reads worse than it did years ago. For the reader's information, the book has sold out, was turned into a museum show which ran at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., and has been acclaimed by many black scholars.

Although Mosher wanted to denegrate my role as a mural historian, history will prove him a poor judge. I have been invited to lecture all over the world, been asked to write numerous articles and introductions, and I am very widely respected. For the most part, my lectures and writing have all been for free.

In the field of graffiti, I am listed as a "legend".

Mosher's comments in Bad Subjects are particularly off base and without any factual content. As far as being a "carpetbagger", that is a juvenile response made by an obviously angry kid.

James Prigoff is a former executive of Levi Strauss corporation, and photographs community murals and graffiti.

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