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Reviews published in 2007
2007 Who will be the Big Wii-ner in the Console War?
Nate Garrelts
At any given time, there may be three or more consoles competing for consumer attention. Gamers often refer to battle to gain market share between console manufactures as the console wars.
2007 The Lennon Files: The Revolution That Wasn’t
The FBI finally threw in the towel and disclosed the handful of still-classified pages in its John Lennon files.
2007 Stereohype: Little Brother’s The Minstrel Show
In an era of hip-hop that can literally make you wonder if your I.Q. has just dropped upon listening to it, Little Brother are a refreshingly heady bunch. This much-slept-on crew hailing from Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina brought an astute, witty, and keenly observant perspective to the hip-hop game on their 2005 sophomore effort The Minstrel Show, and it still rings true today.
2007 GUN: It’s More Fun to Jack Cars than to Rustle Horses
Nate Garrelts
This avid gamer is disappointed with the rash of Grand Theft Auto knock-offs that have recently been released. A recent digital game to do this is GUN by developer Neversoft.
2007 The Weirdness by the Stooges
Mike Mosher.
"My Idea of Fun", from The Weirdness, is as bitter as a song appearing on the fourth anniversary of the United States' invasion of Iraq should be, perhaps sung in the voice of George Bush to show how absurd he appears.
2007 Live Earth: Concerts for Climate in Crisis
Mike Mosher
The musical (and supposedly educational) event took place at seven locations around the world, for everybody has leapt upon the greenwagon.
2007 RAZA/RACE REVIEW: No One Is Illegal
Recent book on immigration by Justin Akers Chacon and Mike Davis provides historical, economic, social, and cultural analysis to a too-often simplistic debate.
2007 Jacques Rancière's The Politics of Aesthetics
Nechvetal reviews Jacques Rancière’s The Politics of Aesthetics with reflections on the authors art-politics in lieu of the Deleuzian/Guattarian perspective.
2007 Cat Power and the Dirty Delta Blues
Shana Scudder, Photo of Cat Power by Stefano Giovannini from www.genkizenki.net
For those who follow Cat Power in hopes of seeing the spectacle of mental illness that has accompanied her previous appearances, this tour is sure to be a disappointment.

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