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Reviews published in 2010
2010 The End of America
This 2008 film by Annie Sundberg and Ricki Stern, based on Naomi Wolf's book of the same name is a fine reconstruction of the decline of republics into dictatorships. They all follow a simple pattern of ten steps.
2010 Notes on Rewatching "Do The Right Thing"
Graphic © Akia Bell 2010.
2010 The Dude Abides
Joseph Natoli
2010 The Men Who Stare at Goats by Jon Ronson
Graphic from an elementary school textbook, w/sunglasses drawn by neighborhood kid who tore it out, left it on our lawn.
2010 Unable to Leap Tall Buildings and Much Smaller Objects: Why Americans Don’t Embrace The Adventures of Tintin
Nate Garrelts, Tintin graphic from tintinologists.org
As Tintin fans around the world wait in giddy anticipation of the 2011 release of the new 3D Tintin film directed by Steven Speilberg and Peter Jackson, many Americans find themselves asking the question: Who is Tintin?
2010 Armistice
The Ann Arbor, Michigan youth-produced free antiwar publication Armistice has published its sixth issue.
2010 Eat Pray Love : When Ruin is Not a Gift
2010 Waiting for "Superman": Private Markets and Public Education
Joseph Natoli
2010 The Walking Dead: Staggering Toward Mediocrity
2010 "A Letter to a Friend Concerned About Fascism"
This letter came from a long-time activist who as a Millennial Spectator, has remained unhappy with all government, and here re-directs a friend's attention to the insidiousness of global corporate dominance. --Joseph Natoli

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