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Reviews published in 2011
2011 Theodore Roethke ≠ Captain Beefheart
Some poems of Theodore Roethke, and the December, 2010 death of Captain Beefheart, led me to similarities in their two poetic voices.
2011 The Black Keys Howlin’ For You
Cole Waterman, Graphics: The Black Keys. Howlin' Wolf © Mike Mosher 2011
It’s safe to say The Black Keys have effectively duped a substantial amount of the music-listening population. Keep this on the down-low, but the secret truth of the matter is what they really are is…a blues band.
2011 Color Me Obsessed: a Documentary on the Replacements by Gordon Bechard
Gorman Bechard photo by the author. Replacements from photo by Greg Helgeson.
When it comes to The Replacements, there are two types of people—those who’ve never heard of them, and those who are unwavering in their conviction that they are the best American rock band in history. Filmmaker Gorman Bechard's documentary on the band, Color Me Obsessed, recently had its Michigan premiere.
2011 Supernatural Aid in the Case of Robert Johnson
Cole Waterman
If not for Mr. Johnson and his myth, what would our world today not only sound like, but be like?

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