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Reviews published in 2012
2012 Freeing John Sinclair: Forty Years Later
Mike Mosher
In December, 1971, a twelve-hour concert was held to raise money for the legal fees of a radical poet and rock n’ roll impresario. In December, 2011, the Ann Arbor District Library sponsored several events to celebrate the John Sinclair Freedom Rally 40th Anniversary.
2012 Agitate! Educate! Organize!: American Labor Posters by Lincoln Cushing and Timothy W. Drescher
Mike Mosher
This book should be in every university or art school library, and be purchased by anyone who respects organized labor and its history.
2012 Robots All: A Letter to Kurt Vonnegut on the Anniversary of Breakfast of Champions
Rob Drew
Your book gives the impression, not only that most humans act like machines, but that the universe itself is like a machine.
2012 Jung, Clarke, Kubrick: Dark Monoliths, Stone Temples
Michael Powers
Motifs and coincidences involve the lives and work of the psychologist, the writer and the filmmaker.
2012 Problems of the History Painter: Niagara, Detroit and "War Paint"
Elegant women in Niagara's "War Paint" exhibit make the conflagration seventy years ago into the best of fun.
Art Lyzak
The rock gods, in blue jeans and black sport jackets, slipped into a back room where they could press the flesh with fans.

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