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Reviews published in 2014
2014 Thin Gruel with Bison: Ann Arbor Folk Music Forty Years Ago
Mike Mosher
The death of Pete Seeger (1919-2014) got me thinking about folk music in Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1970-73.
2014 Joanne Gillies' Right to Live: Hard Times and Love on YouTube
Mike Mosher
She's written songs of her life, sung over a few chords strummed on guitar.
2014 Mike Kelley at PS1: Dark Humor Unseats All Rules and Restraints
Julie Paveglio
Kelley challenges cultural politics and the status quo directly, gender and identity within self and object relations, artistic techniques and forms. Recontextualizing meaning through the alterations of familiar, mundane low-brow imagery and ideas, he unseats social constructions.
2014 The MC5 Build to a Gathering
Sam Gould
Which was a rock n’ roll rebellion, you know?
2014 Power Garb of Female Expression at Burning Man
Patrick Powers
Clothing in a definite alternative style.

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