It's 2016, He's Sixty-Nine, OK: Iggy Pop Plays Detroit

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The show kicked off with "Lust for Life" and I didn't really calm down much over the next 2 hours.

Christi Griffis

What a night finally seeing one of my all-time musical idols, last living member of my personal rock n roll holy trinity (Bowie and Reed being the departed). I went to the show by myself but, in a strike of typical dumb luck, my seat was next to a cool punk rock girl who was also rolling solo. We held onto each other and screamed and jumped like maniacs as the show kicked off with "Lust for Life" and I didn't really calm down much over the next 2 hours.

The Fox Theater in Detroit was kind of a weird venue for it, I thought, but assigned seats meant that I was hella close without having to fight anyone for it, too. Also biggest age range I've ever seen at a show. I literally saw middle-school age kids and their grandparents in matching Stooges T-shirts.

The band was awesome. Josh Homme is sexy as hell in person, a giant ginger punk rock Elvis. And Iggy Pop, well he was everything I have always wanted him to be...a weird, wiry bundle of energy, patron saint of Midwestern oddballs. I was too far off center to help catch his stage dives, but I swear we made eye contact. I love him so much.

It was amazing! I heard a few rumblings after from people who didn't care for the set list, but they played every song off the new album and a bunch of songs from albums he did with Bowie. No Stooges songs, but I was still happy. "Mass Production", my favorite song of the night sounded so effing cool. Josh Homme and Matt Sweeney definitely did it justice.

Maybe it's silly and maybe I'm just exhausted, but a night that good makes me feel okay. Like, there's so much lately to be cynical and sad and scared about, but as long as there's rock n roll and random, genuine connection and dancing until it literally hurts, things aren't really so bad.

Christi Griffis is a writer and bonne vivante in Michigan's Great Lakes Bay Region's café society. Her twitter handle is @christig .
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