90 Space

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This issue examines Space of all kinds.
90 Space Space: An Introduction
Mike Mosher
Space is something to explore (determined by your residential status, citizenship or race) or to occupy in 2016.
90 Space Our German Space
John Philipp Baesler
The humanitarian crisis at Europe’s doorsteps is producing raw emotions of fear, anger, and especially in Germany, defensiveness.
90 Space Democracy vs. Begging at City Council
Steve Martinot
One organization teaches homeless kids art, community, survival, and self-respect. Some 40 of them showed up at the council meeting to beg that its funds not be cut. What does it mean that one has to beg one’s representatives for recognition?
90 Space My Art Haven vs. Corporate Tax Havens
Benjamin Champagne
It always boils down to community for me. I know that my welfare is directly related to the welfare of those around me. The property taxes that I pay to the city will directly benefit my community.
90 Space The Orbital View: Posthuman Architecture in the Age of the Zero Point City
Patrick Lichty
There is an emergence of mega-structures no longer situated in the human scale but designed for the "orbital" gaze.
90 Space Space, Murals and the Social Sublime
Tim Drescher
Critics and art historians should recognize all the potential sources of power in murals, especially the possible roles of the buildings themselves in defining social space.
90 Space Our Bodies, Ourselves: Vulnerability, Liberation, and Space in Feminist Films
Molly Hankwitz
These films offer us critical vision about women's space and our deepest desires.
90 Space Why Did I Write a Rocket Opera?
David Cox
What was it about the moon that appealed to the “Mad Men” era technocrats in both blocs? Why was the moon the big target?
90 Space Space Music
Patrick Powers
The three Miller brothers grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan together. There they developed their concept of space music.
90 Space The Next Big Fear: What Digital Games Really Teach Us about Information Security
Nate Garrelts
While Hollywood has made great strides in accuracy in recent years, most depictions of hacking are comically inaccurate. Unfortunately, popular media may be the only exposure that some people have.
90 Space American Safety, Security, Freedom (and) Unlimited Corrections
Colin Scholl
A One Act Play
90 Space Massaging Political Message Space
Chad M. White
The artist portrays.
90 Space You Take Up Space
Christi Griffis
If you go to any place often enough, you create your own space within.
90 Space The Space Junk Remediation Project
Michael Ricciardi
Proposed solutions for remediation of orbital debris, "space junk".

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