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Bad Subjects: Political Education for Everyday Life seeks to revitalize progressive politics. We challenge progressive dogma by encouraging readers to think about the political dimension to all aspects of everyday life. We seek to broaden the audience for leftist and progressive writing through a commitment to accessibility and contemporary relevance.  more »


Bad Activism

A Day Without A Woman
Christi Griffis
We owe it to the pioneers and current leaders to not get caught up in semantics and disagreements, but keep boots to the ground and do what we can.
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Trumpcraft: Using Spellcraft as a Form of Political Dissent
Tamara Watkins
Will this coordinated effort to bring down the Trump presidency via spellcraft work? Only time will tell.
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My Women’s March on Washington
Christi Griffis
This kernel of an idea grew, molded and morphed and became possibly the largest demonstration in American history.
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Chicago Women’s March January 21, 2017
Sonia Yaco
As we moved into the main march, we saw large numbers of Muslim women, a socialist group, and a sea of pink pussy hats.
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This is the Story: Women March in 2017
Molly Hankwitz
One great march and we turn hopeful that constant pushing and pulling will produce the desired effects of harm-reduction to the American people.
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Donald Trump, Alt-Right Goddess
Alice Yang
The facts and statistics of both history and contemporary existence clearly show that white supremacy stands as strong as ever but the alt-right is not thinking logically.
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Bad Reviews

Some Great Music
Patrick Powers
I knew music was a tough business, but this is way out there.
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Angel Aware: Celeste Newbrough's The Angel of Polk Street
Reviewed by Rosalie G. Riegle

This is a beautiful and hopeful book, but you won’t think so at first. Keep reading, even if it’s tough. It is.
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Toward a Comic Book Studies Division of the National Communications Association
Jason Kahler

The Comic Book Studies Division would serve as a focal point for people working with comic books in a multitude of fields, within higher education or as independent scholars.
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It's 2016, He's Sixty-Nine, OK: Iggy Pop Plays Detroit
Christi Griffis
The show kicked off with "Lust for Life" and I didn't really calm down much over the next 2 hours. read »


My Big Fat Fabricated Life: Problematic Portrayals of a TLC Star
Tamara Watkins
Whitney Thore is an advocate for body positivity, but her reality TV show often contains messages that are counterproductive to this work. read »


Featured articles


The Chilean Mural Brigades in America, and the Art of Resistance
Jeff Huebner


Artworks of the Orlando Letelier Brigade recalled what poet Pablo Neruda once said: “Murals are the people’s blackboards.” read »


The Rot Within
Joseph Natoli


That a man who asserts his own whimsy as reality, who asserts his opinions as facts, and who conflates all things social within his own ego, has become President of this post-truth imaginary, one totally without any cohering dignity, was to be expected. read »


De-Designing Design
Brian Lau


Not Another Design Manifesto! Our constant need to satiate our creative urges urges our constant betrayal of the Old as Obsolete, and our unquestioned certainty that the New is always Better. read »


Fool Me Three Times, You Must Be Kidding?
Anthony Bernardo


If Mr. Trump’s tax plan is wildly successful, the debt will increase, inflation will increase and that inflation will eventually result in a recession, as it has in the past. That is the real scenario of Laffer economics: debt, inflation, recession. read »


Things Both Crazy and Stupid, The Laffer Curve
Anthony Bernardo


Mixing an unrealistic scenario on either extreme side of the Laffer curve with mathematical principle that anything multiplied by zero equals zero, and then applying economic policy based on that, is very dangerous ground. read »

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New Issue (2017)

Bad Subjects Issue #91: Faith

Edited by Mike Mosher and Tamara Watkins

Do you have faith that America's President won’t bring us to the brink of nuclear war in one misguided late-night tweet? Faith in politics, protest, or police? The faith of the church that your parents and family took you to? Pull back the curtain on faith. read »


Recent Issues

Bad Subjects Issue #90: Space

Edited by Mike Mosher and Molly Hankwitz

In this issue, Space is something to explore (determined by your residential status, citizenship or race) or to occupy in 2016. read »



Bad Editorialsmore »

Ignorance of History is a Luxury Nobody Can Afford Anymore
by John Philipp Baesler

Ignorance of history is not bliss. For too long, American society has allowed historical ignorance to fester. read »


Good Cop/Bad Cop Routine Won’t Work with North Korea
by Thomas Powell

What has been conveniently forgotten is the history of the Korean War, its staggering brutality, and the political lessons of that war. read »


Trump-Era GOP: Too Far Right for Barry Goldwater
by Bill Holdship

"You are extremists, and you've hurt the Republican Party much more than the Democrats have." read »


Picture Saginaw in Black and White
by Mike Mosher

It was a surprise to find white and black cultural worlds are largely separate in Saginaw Michigan. read »


The Wild Side: Why Doesn’t Guelph Get It?
by Sandra Mendez Rosenbaum

No one ever told me that I wasn't respecting their switchiness. read »


With My Service Dog
by Don Zuzula

My dog is a dog, yes. He's also a medical device, like a wheelchair or an oxygen bottle. read »


Google Outrages Me
by Patrick Powers

What will be the next sneaky trick they pull? What will it do to me next? read »


Track Palin and PTSD: Why it Should Not be Used in Stupid Political Games
by Don Zuzula

What I want to speak about is the gross negligence in the treatment of Sarah Palin's son’s PTSD. read »


Notes From a Higher Education Organizer: MLK and Anti-Capitalism
by Whit Alleys Dziurka

Every January folks in labor and education fields celebrate the great strides made by folks like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. read »


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