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Against Craftsmanship

Our talentless students have failed all their art classes. They have failed life and will never do it right.

by Chad M. White

HATE technical achievement. LOVE Style, expression and ignorance. Our talentless students have failed all their art classes. They have failed life and will never do it right.

Stop painting nowhere. Stop trying to believe in art history books. Get into bad painting and try hard to make bad art. Stop living inside their cardboard box. Stop eating their poison.

Learn to think free of intelligence. Love pure imagination. Operate in mistakes. You do not need ability to BELONG IN MORTVILLE.

1) Wear dirty cloths as clothes and do not bathe. Say "artist in residence." Claim modern art turned you sloppy.
2) Do it wrong, errors are expressions from the subconscious, the better part of the brain.
3) Do not believe in standardized or bubble Scantron surveys.
4) Do not complete paperwork. You will never fill out another form correctly.

5) Abuse everyone and yourself.
6) Abuse your art.
7) Fill the room with art. It's in the dumpster when you die.
8) Inspire security to follow you in public.

9) Upload everywhere to ruin the future of the Internet.
10) Collaborate with good artists to ruin art. Punch holes in their walls.
11) Live in isolation and become alienated. Become alien.
12) Hate anything good.

13) You cannot hold a job.
14) Compose nonsense rants on the Internet.
15 Create absurd art that has horrible messages.
16) Dumpster dive for art supplies.

Copyright © Chad M. White. All rights reserved.

LIVE IN MORTVILLE. Filth is our utopia. You cannot, and never will, be perfect. Bad craftsmanship becomes painful failures, embarrassments, and you become less. You lose dignity trying. Your life path is abject poverty, following a career painting junk art.

Move to Mortville and create in imagination. We do not follow a career. We don't pay bills. Money is a disease.

We are students of nonsense. Use the rotten part of the subconscious to vomit art meant for the landfill, or burned for heat when we die homeless. We are the losers that never sell anything and die dead in a ditch, and are food for dogs.

Chad M. White, age 37, works diligently from his mother's basement in Bay City, Michigan. Disturbing portfolios of his work can be found at I Love to Color Chad White on Tumblr and in The Chad White Imagination Company on facebook.