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American Graffiti: Paintings and Prints (3)

Andrea Ondish

Issue #67, April 2004

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Wannabeezthatcouldnthavebeenz by Andrea Ondish
"Wannabeezthatcouldnthavebeenz" are people that have great things to offer and squander away their gifts and talents.
Acrylic, 52" x 33, 1996


A 2 Head 1 Body 2 Ton 1 Ounce Mossback by Andrea Ondish
"A 2 Head 1 Body 2 Ton 1 Ounce Mossback" embodies the non-progressive, antiquated ideas and traditions that are harmful and destructive to progressive society. A mossback is a person who is conservative or "old fashioned". The artwork emphasizes the theme of positive change being good for all.
Woodcut, 16" x 20", 1995


There's No Place Like Home by Andrea Ondish
"There's No Place Like Home" shows the continuing cycle of domestic abuse, how it begins at the top of the family chain and works it way down.
Woodcut, 16" x 20", 1994


Copyright © 2004 by Andrea Ondish. All rights reserved.

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