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Bad Subjects

Bibliography Entry Last Updated: 2004-09-01

Steven Rubio (2000)

Baseball Prospectus 2000

In: Baseball Prospectus 2000. Edited by Chris Kahrl, Joseph S. Sheehan, Jeff Hildebrand. Brassey's.

This volume profiles 2000 players, with each entry offering a pithy career narrative, a statistical look at performance over the last five years, and projections for the 2000 season. Ranging from the lowest rung of the minor leagues to the majors, the players are categorized by team, each of which is introduced by a double-columned two-page narrative. The authors are not sports journalists but fun-loving fans who write with a lot of irreverence and humor, and their volume will be enjoyed primarily by statistic-crazed fans and addicts who play a season-long game called fantasy baseball.