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Bad Subjects

Bibliography Entry Last Updated: 2004-07-28

Geoffrey Sauer (2002)


In: オンライン・コミュニティ: eコマース、教育オンライン、 非営利オンライン 活動の最先端レポート. Edited by Werry, Chris and Mowbray, Miranda. Midori Shimoda, Kiichi Obata, Ko Ito and Yumiko Koiwa, translators. Hewlett Packard Tokyo.

A Japanese edition of 'Community, Courseware and Intellectual Property Law'. Argues that present state of publishing certainly isn't always fully understood by either advocates or antagonists of online publishing. This chapter examines changes in intellectual property rights over the past few decades in order to examine their implications for teaching and for the organization and control of academic resources online. It then looks at new Internet technologies becoming incorporated into classroom practice. Lastly, it proposes alternative strategies that might be useful.