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Information about the production work behind this website.

In nineteenth-century high-quality publishing, the "colophon" was a section at the end of a printed book which described the details about the work which had made possible the object resting in the reader's hands. The colophon would name the printers, list the typefaces and their designers, and would provide details about the date and location of printing. It was a means of making visible some of the labor made invisible by the industrialization of printing.

It seems fitting for Bad Subjects to do this work as well.

Bad Subjects is the product of 265 authors and a sixteen-member Production Team.

Bad Subjects is published online by the EServer, a nonprofit cooperative with over 280 volunteers who work to publish more than 34,500 works free of charge to over 1.25 million online readers per month. The EServer hosts 44 websites in the arts and humanities; Bad Subjects is one of these. The EServer is based in the English Department at Iowa State University.

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