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Assassin-Wannabe Ted Nugent

There are places you simply don't go. With his tirade at the National Rifle Association (NRA) convention in April, Nugent has put himself over the line.

by Mike Mosher

I'm a small-town gun owner, in the middle of Michigan. The first vote I ever cast was for the guy from my state, the Republican Gerald Ford.

In the late 1980s I had a weird Ted Nugent concert shirt, bought cheap at Tower Records. And OK, though I didn't buy tickets, I sort of enjoyed Nugent's outdoor summer concert a couple years ago—as I have those of many bombastic '70s bands I remember—from our front porch, three blocks away.

Nevertheless, Here's what I told Sony Music. Hope everyone reading this takes a moment to send something similar.

I am joining the boycott of all Sony Music and Sony products until you announce that you no longer sell the music of Ted Nugent, who threatened my country's President.

There's a Presidential campaign going on, so it's expected there will be a lot of hot air and name-calling. Yet there are places you simply don't go, and with his tirade at the National Rifle Association (NRA) convention in April, Nugent has put himself over the line, on the side of Al Qeada and the Klan.

I expressed my view to the NRA too, 1-800-672-3888, extension 7. The southern gentleman at the other end listened cordially.

Having grown up in a racist household, its familiar stink drenches much of the opposition to Barack Obama. John McCain tried to stick to politics and tamp that racism down in his campaign four years ago, while Sarah Palin gleefully stoked it ("Kill him!" shouted her supporter at mention of Obama's name). Nugent has recently appeared onstage in a confederate flag jacket.

Ted Nugent's playing the evil—and in my book, anti-American—game. So I guess a US citizen has no recourse but to run and tell daddy, the corporation that now owns him. I especially hope this message reaches Sony's Japanese corporate executives, who, as a rule, don't like to be embarrassed.

God bless America. And to Hell with Ted Nugent.

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