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Shouts from Wisconsin

Displeasure at Governor Scott Walker prompts this artist's portfolio, named for the Arabic word for "Enough!"

by Stephen Perkins

Stephen Perkins is an artist, curator and social activist in Wisconsin, and he is displeased that Governor Scott Walker was not recalled in June, 2012. He has worked for justice on this issue, and others.

He calls his 2011 portfolio of political work the kefaya! album, using the Arabic word for "Enough!" that was also the name of the Movement for Change in Egypt in 2004. His work is text-based, with allusions to the US Civil Rights era, John Lennon, and outrages against workers, artists and culture around the nation.

This is a sampling of the work that can be seen in the kefaya! album.

Stephen Perkins is Senior Academic Curator of Art at the Lawton Gallery, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Graphics by Stephen Perkins.

Copyright © Stephen Perkins. All rights reserved.