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Let's Change It Now

On racism and segregation in Grand Rapids, MI

They said segregation was over
But I see it with my own eyes
Red lines invisibly drawn separating culture by color
I feel Martin Luther King
Would roll over
Turning in his grave
Angry that his dream has yet to be achieved
I see it ever so clearly
The line defined between urban and suburban
White kids with Hummers
Black kids without bus passes
Yellow busses, city busses, pay your own way
Kids walking under these bridges,
Lifes uphill for them both ways
As they stand in the cold without a coat
While whites drive over and around the urban plight
Nose up, eyes closed,
Doors locked because their wallets are filled with credit
The credit they inherited with their skin
Wearing clothes made by slaves
What you don't see won't hurt you,
What you don't know doesn't matter
But it hurts me, because my eyes are open and sparkling
And I see, and I know what is happening
White flight
Black night
Brown town
The worlds upside down.
Let's change it now.

April, 2015

Sam Quick attends Grand Valley State University, and is involved in Grandville Arts & Humanities.