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Candidates, War and Karma

During the Iraq war, conservatives kept the war drum beating, according to the media. Now with the Syrian war, it seems to be the liberals keeping the war drums sounding.

Corey Gilbert

Donald Trump said something during the Republican Party debate December 17, 2015. He called out our government's trillion-dollar Iraq war, the most impressive stance I've seen any candidate take towards the corporate regime/military-industrial complex during this Presidential race.

He posed the concept of "what if" we had spent that money our our country, instead of chasing a boogie man (Bin Laden used to work for the CIA), killing over a million people and destabilizing a region of the world, all under the argument of bringing them "Democracy." To my amazement, the audience booed his statements. All I could do is sigh in disbelief at their reaction. Imagine if an Al Gore had said that during his race against George W. Bush: it would have been like a ray of sunlight after four years of darkness.

We still owe China billions of dollars from that war mind you, but hey, its cool, we liberated the Iraqis by killing a huge portion of their population and destabilizing their country, they're much better off... Let's do it again, in Syria now.

I realized something during the Iraq war: conservatives kept the war drums beating. Now with the Syrian war, it seems to be liberals—Democrats like President Obama and Hillary Clinton—keeping the war drums sounding.

What I would like to know is, do Americans really support the act of overthrowing other countries and killing millions of people under the guise of "liberating the people" or "bringing them democracy?" Or if it's really just the media, and nothing but bullshit propaganda.

It makes me sad that anyone would support war, ever. I think that's been my deciding factor when it comes to supporting a Presidential candidate. Who isn't the war monger? Who is going to put an end to these invasions and this neo-colonialism? How can people morally support these concepts, and think these actions are good? It makes me ashamed to be American, to live in a country were people are so blind, so fooled by propaganda, to support the killings of millions of people.

What's scary about our actions over the past fifteen years in the middle east is how our country has a lot of blood on its hands, and might I ask, for what? What have we gained other than debt and death? Karma, that's what we've gained. What goes around comes around in this universe, its the law of balance, eventually all of this is going to come back around and bite us. I see that "eventually" drawing nearer and nearer, the more we play this game of "liberating" other countries.

I guess I'm not really talking politics here, or anything truly profound, or really defending or supporting any particular Presidential candidate, but more on the basic laws of cause and effect and the desire for peace. I wish people could look at things more this way too. I'm not perfect either, I'm blind to a lot of things, but that which I can see, I try to share with others in hopes that they too will see beyond the moment, at the whole picture, at the true mess we are getting ourselves in to supporting and fighting these wars. #‎peaceplease

Corey Gibert is a local artist in Saginaw MI, works in the University Art Gallery at SVSU, is a practitioner of the Falun Gong discipline of Qigong and Meditation, a vegetarian and pacifist as well as a member of the NRA.

Graphic: Mike Mosher.

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