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Bad Presidential Campaign 2016


Table of Contents for the collected reflections by Bad Subjects on the US Presidential Campaign, from mid-2015 until Election Day November 8, 2016.

The 2016 Presidential Election: Big Monsters, Small Minds
Nicholas Ray

Where does that leave us on Nov. 8? read »

Trump on PTSD: Dangerous Ground
Don Zuzula

Other people don't have to suffer like I did. Harm s being done if his comments prevent someone from standing up and getting the care that they desperately need. read »

The Super-Cynic
Pépé Le Pew-Pugh

"Le Vote Ne Change Rien" view »

Bernie Won, I Won, We All Won
Mary Ellyn Cain

Sanders asked the American people: "Are we prepared to take on the enormous economic and political power of the billionaire class, or continue to slide into economic and political oligarchy?" read »

Hillary Clinton Wins in New Hampshire
Patrick Powers

Sanders wants Congress, not the presidency. read »

Mutually Exclusive World Views
Thomas Powell

There is a long precedent for mutually exclusive world views. read »

Where is the apology?
Hugo Mack

We now experience the silence, the lack of apologies from those who viciously derided our President as being a "foreigner”. read »

The Bernie Campaign's First 150 Days
Mike Mosher

"Enough is Enough!" punctuates Senator Sanders' speech.
read »

I Thought We Were Watching a Game Show When...
Molly Hankwitz

One Bad Subject's short-attention-span comment upon viewing the December 15th Republican Debate.
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Candidates, War and Karma
Corey Gilbert

During the Iraq war, conservatives kept the war drum beating. Now with the Syrian war, it seems to be liberals keeping war drums sounding.
read »

A New Mascot for the Democrats
Patrick Powers

If the donkey isn't cutting it, maybe the Democrats should get themselves a new mascot?
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The August 6th Republican Candidates' Debate
Richard Von Busack

Something anyone who works in a hospital can tell you: a physician can be very good at his trade and still be an A-1 dumb dummy.
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Trump Finds a Role as America's Sovereign Citizen
Joseph Natoli

Our attachments to candidate Donald Trump are far below the level of monumental advance we assign ourselves in this millennium...

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Hillary Clinton’s Emails
by Harry Hammitt

Under federal law, her emails reflecting agency business were agency records.
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