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Where is the Apology?


Hugo Mack

People forget that in 2011 many Republicans favored one candidate as qualified to be the next President on one simple theme.

He, and they, believed President Obama was not born in the United States and was therefore Constitutionally unqualified to be President. This birthed (pardon the pun) the "Birther Movement", whose followers raised millions of dollars to prove that President Obama was born in Kenya. It also gave opportunity to those with deep and not so subtle racial and cultural fears of "losing" the Country, to vent that anger in the guise of supporting the Constitution. This gave further rise and fuel to those accusing the President of being a Muslim.

Despite the President providing both the long and short forms of his birth certificate, forms and records fully vetted and authenticated by the State of Hawaii, the "foreign born" mantra still continues among the Birthers.

Donald Trump now refuses to even discuss the issue, but has neither apologized or produced the vaunted "proof" he promised the American people that he would.

Currently, there is a Republican candidate for President named Ted Cruz, a senator from Texas. Mr. Cruz readily admits that he was not born in the United States (Canada is every bit as foreign a country as Kenya) but claims, as supported by impeccable legal research and precedent, that because his mother is an American citizen, it doesn't matter where he was born, he, by virtue of her, is a "natural born citizen".

President Obama's late mother was from Kansas, very much a part of the United States. Therefore, if Mr. Cruz is right, as he is, it wouldn't have made any difference if the President was born in Hawaii or Kenya, he is still a "natural born citizen".

John McCain was born in Panama. Arizona was not a state at the time of Barry Goldwater's birth. The late George Romney (former Michigan Governor, Mitt Romney's father and former Republican candidate for President) was born in Mexico.

Why didn't we hear objections to their birth qualifications for President? We now experience the silence, the lack of apologies from those who viciously derided our President as being a "foreigner"?

I think we all know why!

The election and re-election of President Obama was a transformative epic in this nation's history, for it showed what we are truly capable of. But, as rain waters both flowers and weeds simultaneously, it has also given rise and exposure to a virulent strain of undeniable racism and nativism that is as "American as apple pie".

The 300% rise in hate groups, phony voter fraud issues, homophobia, Islamophobia, failed comprehensive immigration reform, targeted assassination of black and brown men under the guise of law enforcement, lack of a living wage, ridiculous Second Amendment arguments designed solely to create fear among those who believe they've been marginalized, even revulsion towards Obamacare, are all forms of the devastating, congenital racism that has plagued this Nation from its inception.

My fellow Americans, may this year under God 2016 give us all pause, regardless of political affiliation or belief, to remember that America belongs to all of us. To those of us who feel a superior right to the blessings and prosperity of our nation, I put you in remembrance of April 15, 1912. On that fateful day, there were those who felt safety ascribed to the "upper level", and believed that death and destruction was reserved for those of a lower station in life, and a lower deck...of a ship called the Titanic.

I think you all know how that story ended. I pray the same fate does not await my country.

Hugo Mack is an attorney in private practice in southeastern Michigan.

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