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The 2016 Presidential Election: Big Monsters, Small Minds

Where does that leave us on Nov. 8?

Nicholas Ray

The difference a year can make. One year ago I thought a candidate like Donald Trump was the greatest threat to world peace and that Hillary Clinton would be our best bet for the Presidency. And I think most of you share that view.

But what came to my attention in recent months is how despite my decade long admiration for her as a leader, or my infatuation with the concept of a female President, that under the microscope of Presidential politics she truly is a monster.

Regarding the "Hillary is a monster" thing, I think that would take a while to get into. Honestly I supported her a lot early on in the campaign despite reservations about her voting for the Iraq war, virtually ever other war, and the Patriot Act. But to double down on those kinds of draconian policies today in her harsh rhetoric about Assad (mirroring Bush's Saddam rhetoric of 13 years prior), to her support of the Trans Pacific Partnership, to the litany of ethical questions raised in the various Wikileaks DNC leaks…ahhhhhhhh..

So where does that leave us on Nov. 8? It leaves me wondering how broken democracies are ever fixed. I have no answers for this election.

Donald Trump is an illusion. A card board cut-out. A made for TV villain.. The evil boss, the angry uncle, the would-be tyrant. He's there to make you feel like our democracy hasn't been utterly murdered right before your eyes. And he's played the role perfectly. He should win Best Actor in February.

But if he's the Best Actor then we should all be nominated for our supporting role, you see. We're hardly the innocent ones.

We're the ones who forgot to make sure our schools produce curious minds, not bumper stickers. And we're the ones who insist upon being entertained 24 hours a day.

Past generations of Americans knew that personality politics were the lowest form of public discourse. Eleanor Roosevelt once said that "great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people." I'll leave it right there.

Nicholas Ray is s 35 year old eccentric, from Detroit, MI and very much left of center politically.

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