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Hillary Clinton Wins in New Hampshire

Sanders wants Congress, not the presidency.

Patrick Powers

As a sort of warmup to my comments, try this Hitler video on the New Hampshire primary.

It's so wickedly clever that Thom Hartmann broadcast selected portions on his TV show. That could be a first for a Hitler video. But as a Monty Python character once said, there is one small problem.

Hillary Clinton got 15 delegates from New Hampshire, while Bernie Sanders earned 13. Hillary won. Not only that, she is ahead 428 delegates to 32.

Ms. Clinton is hardly in despair. More likely she feels that everything that has transpired has been according to design. New Hampshire doesn't matter that much. Pat Buchanan won big there, for all the good it did him.

That lead is in unelected delegates, as explained by Jeff Stein on Vox. Unelected delegates are not necessarily a bad idea. Say the primaries go to a General Nutball who is sure to lose in the general election. As a party insider you know better than that. As an unelected delegate you can help avert the threatened sinking of the party ship by shifting the nomination to someone else.

Why do so many of the unelected delegates favor Ms. Clinton? I don't know, but there are two reasonable answers. The first is that Mr. Sanders isn't even a member of their party. He is lucky they allow him to run at all. Why should they let an outsider come in and take over all their hard work? If he's such hot stuff let him form his own party and leave ours alone. He's not a New Democrat. He's not even a Democrat.

The second has to do with the party itself. Now the Democratic party is secretive about its inner workings. They would not tell me the number of party members or the locations of their meetings. They basically said, "raise a lot of money and we'll think about telling you." So I got the impression that real party membership is about money. Raise enough money and you're in. Well, if you've got a lot of money, a Sanders election is not in your self interest. He says he's going to raise taxes on the rich. F*** that.

Mr. Sanders knows all this and a hundred times more. He knows his chances are slim. So...why is he doing it?

There's the age thing. Time is running out. It's now or never.

He might win. It's possible.

But I say his true goal is to start a mass movement. For this it is essential to get covered by the mainstream media. Mainstream media is so clamped down that only a Presidential candidate can break through. They won't let your message befoul their news, but you get the debates. That's 10 hours to address the nation. It's much better than nothing. The message will get out.

Sanders wants this mass movement to influence the Congressional elections. His campaign is all about money issues, and Congress controls the money. He wants Congress, not the Presidency. If things work out perfectly, a horde of new faces pledged to the Sanders program is elected to Congress. Hey, Gingrich did it.

If the movement falls short of that, it can still win by making a good showing. The Clinton administration was heavily influenced by the Perot vote. Bill wanted to "reach out to Perot voters." Bill wanted to boost spending, but Perot's main issue was budget cuts. Budget cuts we got. Lots of them.

So what is Sanders' main money issue? It is subsidies for education. Now this is a bad idea. The educational system has already been corrupted by too much public money. Scams like the University of Phoenix are flourishing. More cash will make it worse. Sanders knows this very well. What is his game?

I think the idea is to keep the money out of the hands of Wall Street. The Street is making gargantuan cash off of student loans. It's turning students into indentured servants. The wolf grows ever stronger by exploiting the weakness of young people starting their careers. Putting an end to this is a good first step. We'd be better off raising taxes to prevent the wolf from feeding on our children.

Very smart, Mr. Sanders.

Patrick Powers is a bass guitarist and poet, formerly of Bali, now living in northern Michigan.

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