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Suicide of a Nation

Pull the trigger. OK, we just did.

Nicholas Ray

Pull the trigger. OK, we just did. Is this the afterlife?

Demagogues are defined as being political leaders who appeal to popular desires, as opposed to making rational arguments or proposals. Desires that cannot be measured objectively, such as being "great again". Demagogues in history frequently use restoration narratives and themes of nationalism and militarism to accomplish this.

Law and Order. Sounds great. Securing the borders. Who wouldn't want to have secure borders?

Bring Back Jobs. Where did they go?

Demagogues feed and are fed by emotionalism. A great awakening. A new truth. A reality that's better than the one your five senses reveal. Are we ready for this?

Illusion and idealism are not interchangeable. And we can't afford to confuse them but that's exactly what we just did.

—November 9, 2016

Nicholas Ray is s 35 year old eccentric, from Detroit, MI and very much left of center politically.
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