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Introduction: Come Serve With Us!

We need you. We know you're out there. Join our mission. Come serve with us!
Annalee Newitz and Joe Sartelle

Issue #5, March/April 1993

The reason why this issue is late and is a combined March and April edition is because, as we have announced in previous issues, we need to be receiving more article submissions if we are going to be able to put Bad Subjects out on a regular monthly basis. We plan to put out one more issue in May before taking a summer hiatus, and we strongly urge all our readers to help us out by writing something for us and submitting it. Short responses to articles, letters to the editors as well as full-length articles are all welcome. However, the truly pressing matter before us is the fate of Bad Subjects next year in the fall and beyond.

While it has been a pleasure to serve you this past year, we are simply unable to continue Bad Subjects more or less on our own. We offer our profound thanks to those individuals who have supported us in various ways (in particular Charlie Bertsch and Steven Rubio), but we believe it is time to expand our ranks. Bad Subjects needs help from its community of readers. We want to form a new community of producers. Our hope is to establish an editorial collective that would share responsibility for Bad Subjects. Members of the editorial collective would participate in every aspect of this newsletter' s production, from writing articles to providing publicity. Toward this end, we will be holding a public meeting sometime during the week of April 26. Details will be announced in fliers posted around campus. We encourage anybody who is interested in the fate of Bad Subjects to attend.

We need you. We know you're out there. Join our mission. Come serve with us!

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